10 Copies of VSDIF Up for Grabs

MindGems Inc. is giving away 10 licenses of Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder PRO (VSDIF), worth $400, exclusively to our readers.

Read on to find out more!

What’s VSDIF?

VSDIF is rated the best duplicate image finder on major photography and software magazines and technology web sites.

As the name suggests this tool performs a real image analysis. It can find duplicate and similar images regardless of the image format, size, dimensions, colors and other image attributes. Even copies of the same image with modifications applied like color correction, crop, retouching, change of file format or watermarks will still be identified as a duplicate of its original image.

A standard duplicate file finder checks the binary data of the file rather than its visual content and can not identify similar or exact duplicates if they are stored in different file formats. VSDIF supports more than 100 popular image formats including Photoshop PSD and over 300 RAW camera formats.

The main three benefits from using this tool are:

  • Organize image collections by identifying similar images
  • Save disk space by removing unnecessary duplicate photos
  • Search for similar images inside image collections by using a sample image

While VSDIF is extremely precise it is also extremely fast and can handle large photo collections of more than terabyte of images. The scan process is even quicker for the consequential scans as VSDIF can collect data for the scanned images and reuse it for future scans. The cached images are checked for modifications so always the latest version of an image will be compared.

The "Image Search" functionality can find images similar to a sample photo. Combining the Image Search with the cache system VSDIF can scan 10 000 images in seconds. A FREE demo is available for download at the company’s web site.

MindGems Inc. provides also a Duplicate MP3 Finder tool that works in a similar way for audio files and the popular FREE Duplicate File Finder and Folder Size tools that will help with the disk cleanup process.

While the Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder PRO costs $39.95 to buy, we have been provided with 10 exclusive PRO licenses for our readers.

How to enter this giveaway?

Visit MindGems Inc and use the share buttons at the top left corner to share it on your favorite social network then drop a comment below. Winners will be chosen on random basis among all the comments. End date for this giveaway is 29th May 2013.