8 Mobile Apps to Increase Your Personal Productivity

Working to your highest potential in society is key. We constantly need to be reminded, hinted, or forced to do something which slipped our minds. Good productivity has always been the key to staying on top of your work.

Below, I’ve summarized eight of my favorite applications for Windows Phone for increasing the ease of your everyday life, helping you avoid distractions and always work at a high level. Read on to find out more!

Notepad Free

Personal notepads are great. However, physical pads seem to get lost or forgotten when you need them the most. Notepad Free is an app which you can use on-the-go to record your progress and thoughts throughout the day. Setting dates, times and fonts — the wealth of customization options available is amazing. By changingto your own specific choices, the pad feels personal and interactive. A feature I love is syncing up the notes with my ‘Dropbox’ account, keeping my notes safe and never at risk.

Price: Free
Requires: Windows Phone 7 or higher
Developer: PierrickM


Wunderlist is an app which is available on a range of different platforms. From Mac to Linux, this is a versatile piece of software. Basically, Wunderlist is a cloud based task manager. Creating daily routines and reminders is what this excels at. Key features such as prioritizing certain to-dos and the ability to send tasks to your email account make this app unique. A free, yet, capable application which will keep you organized all the time!

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Price: Free
Requires: Windows Phone 7.5 or higher
Developer: 6Wunderkinder


Over the past year, Evernote has become the mother of all task managers becoming an instant success. Evernote provides a transferable service, which is easy to use and has a clear concept. Personally, I love this app! It’s so simple and allows me to easily interact with my friends via social networking too, great for the world of today.

Evernote’s mobile application transfers over its great features to its web version as well. However, some features such as ticking off certain tasks are missing which will probably be added in future updates!

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Price: Free
Requires: Windows Phone 7.5 or higher
Developer: Evernote

[+]Note Plus

Previously in the article, I talked about free apps. Let’s take a look at a paid app this time around: Note Plus, at $1.99.

Note Plus is really a recreation of Apple’s built in mobile note system and is simple and effective. With added skins, Note Plus is probably the most customizable app in terms of aesthetics. All in all, this is a basic app which is well designed and gives the user an enjoyable experience; while accompanied by a range of features. It’s effortless and does the job effectively.

Price: $1.99
Requires: Windows Phone 7.5 or higher
Developer: Dream Matrix

Pocket Recorder

We’ve all seen people in the movies recording notes like ‘Kill James Bond‘ on a handheld recorder. They can be helpful tools which stimulate your cerebral cortex, and allow you to remember information much easier and increasing your general productivity. Pocket Recorder does just that. — it immediately records your every thought and lets you quickly editing your clips to your needs.

A great and innovative idea, this well developed app obviously has a lot of effort put into it and gives you everything and more from a handy little tool.

Price: Free
Requires: Windows Phone 7.5 or higher
Developer: Xochl Media LLC

Jack of Tools

If you’re the fiddling kind, Jack of Tools may just help you. The app comes equipped with a range of different tools, from a spirit level to speed and altitude values.

Basically, this is an app which can help anyone from any walk of life. The app allows you to work out a range of different values and facts to help keep your mind at peace.

Price: Free
Requires: Windows Phone 7.5 or higher
Developer: Digitalmason.net

Ask Ziggy

We’ve all heard of Siri, Apple’s voice control system introduced with the iPhone 4s last year (with advancements later this year in iOS 6.) Ask Ziggy is an app which replicates this service onto your Windows Phone by giving you exactly the same concept – which in my opinion is much more informative and clearer than Siri.

In conclusion, Ask Ziggy is a nice replacement for Windows Users who’d love a voice assistant. Personally, this app is far superior to Siri, giving you much more information and being less annoying. A great app for absolutely everyone!

Price: Free
Requires: Windows Phone 7.5 or higher
Developer: Averotek

PC Remote

The hub of most of our lives is undoubtedly the home computer. Often, we really don’t feel like sitting our computer after a hard day’s. PC Remote is a free app which allows you to wirelessely control and show your computer screen from your Windows phone and letting you do almost everything, from viewing videos to editing documents. A great app for those who would love to integrate their PC into their phone and make your life a bit easier!

Price: Free
Requires: Windows Phone 7.5 or higher
Developer: singhisoumya

Hopefully, some of these apps can help you be more productive! Thanks for reading and good luck becoming productive! Please comment below on your views! We would love to hear from you!