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In this roundup, I am going to share with you the latest and future releases for the next few months. This is an exciting time in the gaming year, as big sequels such as Diablo 3 have hit the shelfs over the last couple of weeks.

I will briefly explain some of the most interesting releases from different genres, encompassing everything from third person shooters to sports, to keep you captivated for the forthcoming future. Read on to find out more!


For Windows users there is virtually no end of choice of apps and with such a wealth of software titles, things can easily get somewhat overwhelming.

One of the great things about having a huge selection is not only the fact that there is choice, but also that there are free as well as paid-for programs that do the same job. We’ve collected together 50 of the finest apps to save you time hunting for the tools and utilities you need.


Everyone loves the luxury of being able to plunge into their own paradise and indulge in the beauty of music. With the help of your Windows Phone this experience can come alive quick and easily.

In this roundup, I’m going to be looking at the best apps available to make your listening smoother and more exciting.


There has always been controversy about the Windows Phone Marketplace and the number of apps on it affecting the perception on the future of the platform. A common comment from a lot of users was also the fact that most of the apps were just RSS readers of a single website’s feed.

Next Gen Reader is not just another RSS reader. It is an RSS reader exclusively for Windows Phone and it claims to be the fastest Google Reader client for the platform. Does it live up to it’s claim? Let’s find out.


Up until now, I felt that the cloud synchronized calender and Office OneNote were sufficient for managing tasks on Windows Phone. But a closer look at the Marketplace revealed different types of to-do list apps available, that are much more than a calender.

In this second part of our Windows Phone Elite series, we’ll look at the task management productivity apps on Windows Phone that help you reach your goals.


Even though instant messaging has been around for a long time, it is even more popular now than it was before. There are a lot of chat clients available for Windows and a lot of different chat networks, and social media websites.

Let’s take a look at the eight most popular and free chat clients available for Windows, and see what they have to offer.


Haven’t taken a break for months due to heavy loads of work? Too sick(to be read as lazy) to go to your office today? Need to send an important presentation to your boss immediately at the middle of the night?

Well, it may always not be possible for you to be at your office at all the time. Be it heavy traffic on the roads or a long but well deserved vacation, there is always something to keep you out. In this fast paced corporate world these small things can put you in a spot. This is where your Windows phone can come in handy.

In this round up, we’re going to take a look at apps that can potentially save your day.


Lack of apps isn’t a problem that a Windows user has to endure. In fact, there are so many apps in the ecosystem, we might not be able to search for and find the right app that fits our requirement perfectly. For every task one could imagine, there are plenty of alternatives of varying shapes and sizes are available.

Coming up with a finite number of apps that are worthwhile is no easy task. But, we tried. After the break let us take look at one hundred extremely useful, highly productive apps that might end up making your Windows PC better than ever. Hop on!


Lately, we’ve seen some great apps and games in the Windows Phone Marketplace. We choose to bring the best of them every week with our ‘Windows Phone Elite’ series.

This week we’re going to take a look at a few arcade and puzzle games every Windows Phone user must try out at least once.


Lots of us enjoy watching sports and loyalties to sport teams who just happen to be named after the city we live in can become an extreme fascination. If you’re not getting your fix from sitting in front of your TV, from a news paper or some other medium, yet you’re equipped with a Windows Phone, this roundup might help you to stay consistently updated. (more…)

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