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It’s been a long time since writers were forced to become accustomed to the ‘clickety-clack’ of a typewriter and now with writing on your PC becoming normal, more and more software is being released to make this task easier, more enjoyable and improve the overall quality of your writing.

If you’re reading this you probably have an interest in writing, whether you already write or thinking of taking it up – writing is not only a fun and cheap hobby, it’s also extremely productive and helps enhance skills necessary for everyday life. When I first started writing on my PC I used Microsoft Word to do this, but I quickly grew tired of how many features were in my face when all I really wanted to do was tap-out a short story.

Fast forward several months and it’s been a long time since I’ve had to look at the often over-complicated Microsoft Word on a daily basis to type out an English essay. Instead I have found software suites that offer a perfect place to type out my thoughts. I’ve also come across software that helps me plan out my writing, get it done faster and manage the writing tasks at hand – so read on to find out how you too can get the ultimate software collection for writers on your PC.


A year back, if you’d told me that Microsoft would beat Apple in unifying all your devices I would’ve laughed at your face. Plus, knowing Microsoft of the past, one would’ve expected them to botch it up, even if that were true. When legendary Allard, godfather of Xbox, quit the company, everyone, including me, started screaming that MS’s future is on the brink of destruction.

But this new Microsoft under Ballmer had other plans in mind. It was evident when they launched WP7. It was not just another wrapper on their old broken mobile engine. Rather it was a completely thought through, totally revamped product, focused on improving your experience. It turned out to be one of the best mobile platforms and the user experience is particularly phenomenal.

Still, even for Microsoft, Windows 8 is a greater leap, and far from their comfort zone. Many people are still looking out for the Start button, while others are busy calling names. Amidst all this hoopla, Windows 8 was launched recently and Microsoft has been under incredible pressure. It’s facing a never seen before competition from Apple and Google, threatening to erode it completely. Today we’re going to take a look at the challenges faced by Microsoft.


Productivity is difficult to achieve in a world full of distractions and complications. Simplifying the process of getting things done would greatly increase your productivity during the typical day. If you find yourself struggling to be productive, I have compiled a list of Windows applications to help you increase your productivity and make your life a little easier.


Despite the arguably neutral reception that Windows 8 has received, it has several very useful and improved features over Windows 7 that thousands of people enjoy using. However, if you think that Windows 8 has a bad experience overall, you can use several apps and tweaks to get these features on your Windows 7 installation.

This post will outline some of these apps and show what you can accomplish. It will not go into depth for any of the apps listed here, but you can find out more about each one from its website.


As I was setting up my new Windows 8 installation to test new apps on, I decided I wanted a nice and clean Metro or Windows 8 inspired wallpaper other than the default ones, to set it apart and help me differentiate it from my other installations. I decided to give a showcase of some of the wallpapers I came across on my search, in case anyone was looking for anything similar.

While not all of the wallpapers in this post are clean as I was looking for, they are certainly all inspired by Microsoft’s latest operating system to some extent.


So I had the wonderful opportunity of wandering around the most recent Eurogamer Expo at Earl’s Court, London last week. There were a surprising amount of fantastic games on show, a number of them also being the first time that consumers are able to play demos of them as well. Over the next week or so I’ll be listing off my experiences and opinions of a number of these great games, which will all eventually be making their way to PC.

A small note, however: I will not be covering Call of Duty: Black Ops II, I’m afraid. As a Call of Duty veteran, I’ve been so disappointed with Treyarch and Infinity Ward since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (and the whole Activision lawsuit debacle) that I cannot bring myself to stand in line to play it. Sorry guys and gals.

Hit the gap for my thoughts on Assassin’s Creed 3 and Hitman: Absolution


Dual screen monitors have become very prevalent these days since it makes every sort of computing work pretty easy. You can do your research on one screen while watching your favourite show on the other; at least that is what I do. Or if you’re the programmer or designer type, you can code on one screen and have the debug window on the other. It’s as rad as it sounds!

But what is the point of having multiple screens if you can’t flaunt with some funky wallpapers? Finding good wallpapers that span both screens seems to be the hardest part and so I took the liberty of finding you guys 60 googly wallpapers. Check them out and enjoy!


It’s no secret that Windows doesn’t always get the best reputation when it comes to design and beauty; in fact many go as far as to say that Windows is an ugly operating system. While there certainly are aspects of the platform that aren’t the prettiest to look at, we have seen that there definitely are some beautiful Windows apps out there, and the interfaces themselves are not the only showcases of beauty on Windows.

This list of application icons shows that designers do take care when designing for both the Windows desktop OS and the Windows Phone 7 app icons.


Photography apps are a dime a dozen. Personally, on the Windows Marketplace I’ve been through a variety of different apps which haven’t suited my desires as much as I would have liked. This was highly disappointing seeing as I love to edit and create by own photos. Luckily, I actually found some which made the mark. This allowed me to access my inner imagination and actually use my camera as it should be used.

In this roundup I’m going to split the apps into two categories. Firstly, the apps for getting the perfect picture, then some which allow you to have fun with your friends! Hopefully, there will be one for you here!


The sharing of data has evolved considerably over the last few years. There was a time when those square, 1.44MB floppy disks were considered sufficient for complete operating systems (DOS anyone?!) and now, I can’t imagine anything less than a few GBs of useful data. But what happens when you are stuck with a 3GB file that needs to be shared with your colleagues or family? Well, I have found the perfect answer to that in file-sharing services available over the internet.

I can broadly classify the different file-sharing services into dedicated and personal, with the dedicated ones being apt for a corporate environment and the personal ones, well, for sharing pictures, videos etc. with family and friends. Since there are several file-sharing services available, I have selected the 7 most used, most efficient file-sharing services that can help you get the job done in a jiffy. So, let’s take a look!

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