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Write Your Next Novel with Liquid Story Binder XE

Writing a novel takes more organization than the typical word processor provides. Novel-writing programs pick up the slack.

Liquid Story Binder XE, by Black Obelisk Software, is a Windows-only novel-authoring program that helps you to organize your story in any way that you please.


Window management is a necessary, but potentially irritating part of working in an operating system like Windows. The ability to have multiple programs open at the same time greatly simplifies sharing data between programs. It also allows easy switching between different applications when needed. When moving information between programs it’s not always easy to get the windows laid out the way that you’d like.

The built in options to manage multiple windows are pretty basic. You can easily maximize a window to occupy the full screen or minimize a window out of the way to the task bar. Windows 7 added the handy ability to automatically size a window to fit either the left or right half of your screen, but there is still no in between option. WinMaximumize is a freeware utility to help provide an in between option. Let’s see ho well it does this task and if it can save you time.


If you are not familiar with it, Rainmeter is a great free app for customizing your Windows desktop. The latest version, 2.5, is now available in beta form and comes with a number of changes and enhancements.

The beta is currently being updated every week — on Sunday to be precise. There are changes and fixes in every new version and a changelog can found on the web site.


I’ve been using Bvckup beta for well over a year now and it’s about time it received some recognition for reliably sorting out my backups without ever getting in the way. I mean, what more could you want from a backup utility? That it is fast maybe? Check. Perhaps that it is minimal and easy to set up? Check. Maybe that it does not use a proprietary file format for backups? Yep, got that too.

Bvckup differs from other backup applications, It makes sure that whichever folder you choose to back up is always exactly duplicated to the folder that you are backing up to. Ok, no big deal you say. Well what about if we throw in a Delta copying algorithm that makes backups super fast? And how about real-time folder monitoring, scheduled backups and manual backups all in one app?

Read on to find out more about this cool little application. (more…)

Managing your money can be a hard task. Whether it is buying a coffee in town or paying your electricity bill, everything will come out of your account and sometimes you don’t know where the money has gone. With the introduction of internet banking this is easier but it’s still often hard to really remember why an unknown £25 has magically disappeared. Tracking all this in a secure place is necessary for keeping on top of your money and with your Windows Phone this isn’t a difficult task.

My Budget is a £0.79 application which lets you manage expenses, bills and much more in an easy to read format. Being on your phone, the device you take everywhere, this app fits perfectly into anyone’s daily life and can prove beneficial.

Read on to find out more!


I am sure I am not alone in the fascination I have with the weather. While storms can be dangerous and do considerable damage I still must confess that I love watching them. I live in an area that gets frequent late-day thunderstorms in summer and an occasional tropical storm in late  summer or fall. During these events I can be found sitting on my porch watching the action. Honestly, I probably should have been a storm chaser.

I constantly check the weather app on my Android phone and weather web sites on my PC. As for the computer, I recently came across an even simpler option than the web browser — Weather Watcher Live for Windows. The app pulls data from multiple sources to give all sorts of useful information and even warnings about severe conditions.


Making lists and outlines is a convenient way to organize information. Computers are another way of organizing information. Combining these things is irresistible.

UV Outliner is a Windows desktop application that has a unique way of doing this.


For a long time now, I have been looking for an alternative to IE for my Windows Phone and I can’t believe I missed UC Browser. Let’s face it: IE is a decent browser. But it can be terribly slow and there are no new features there. It is just a bit boring without any customization options.

UC Browser is a top notch browser specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. They know what they are dealing with and they have packed in a lot of really great features which makes this browser very apt for Windows Phone.


Some information is best kept secret. Now that we’re living in the future, much of that information is stored in computers. One of the ways to keep things secret in a computer is to use cryptography. Kruptos is one way to use cryptography to keep your data safe.


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