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Whether learning about history is something we enjoy or not, everyone has had to find out new information one time or the other. However, we often forget about key moments in history which would be interesting to learn about. Daily History is an application which lets users look back in the past and find out what happened on that same day. By giving you little pieces of knowledge this is an app which can really help you learn a lot.

Daily History is a free application which is available on Windows Phones 7.5 and above. Read on to find out how exciting Daily History can be!


The normal way to manage files is with the Windows File Explorer. Microsoft has improved it with each release of Windows. There are alternatives to the File Explorer that can be used in its place, and Directory Opus, by GPSoftware is the best file manager that I have seen on either Windows, Macintosh, or Linux.


You’re probably familiar with the infamous Windows notification balloon. While the majority of these notifications are often important, the Windows notification system is constantly ridiculed for lack of configuration. A solid notification system should consist of a configurable interface and support for a variety of applications. If you feel as though the default notification system does not suit your needs, you may want to have a look at Growl for Windows.

Based off of the popular Mac application, Growl for Windows is an excellent solution for those who multitask and wish to make their lives a little easier. Growl allows you to receive information on what is taking place in other applications via a simple notification in the corner of your screen. This eliminates the need for constantly switching windows which can negatively impact productivity. Growl has the ability to provide you with information such as the name of a song that is playing in iTunes, when a download is finished in Firefox, or when you receive a new IM in Pidgin.

Is Growl right for you? Continue reading to find out!

If you follow this site then you are likely a bit of  computer geek — sorry to be harsh, but that is the cold, hard fact and don’t worry because you are not alone here. You are reading something written by a geek. While we geeks love computers, we also love other things almost as passionately — Sci-Fi, Fantasy and science among them.

When it comes to the science part astronomy is my biggest passion. There is nothing to compare to finding a nice dark location and looking up into the night sky. The problem arises when you do not know exactly what you are looking at — and most of us are not astronomers, meaning we qualify for this category. After all, it is a vast, endless universe out there and everything is constantly moving around.


While many, most in fact, use Windows to run our computers, few have yet made the leap to Windows Phone for our mobile life. In fact, Android largely dominates the mobile market, though Windows Phone is slowly gaining steam. Thankfully, there are a number of apps designed to bring the two services together. Over the next few weeks I plan to take a look at several of the more useful ones.

However, I wanted to get started with what is perhaps the most important one. I say that because this provides an essential service — the ability to backup your precious data in case something goes horribly wrong with the phone or tablet or, in the event one is lost or stolen.


By default, Windows provides you with a very basic screenshot feature. This feature can be utilized by pressing the Print Screen key on your keyboard. When this key is pressed, a picture of your screen is then saved to the Windows clipboard which you can then paste into any image editing application such as Microsoft Paint or Photoshop. While useful, this feature is far from efficient and could certainly benefit from further development.

Skitch is a free utility that adds an abundance of functionality to the screenshot feature that is already inside of Windows. After acquiring the majority of its popularity as a Mac-only application, the Windows version of Skitch has a lot to live up to.

Does Skitch live up to the anticipation? Let’s take a look and find out!


The way I stumbled upon Easus is a long story, but I will give you the shortened version of it here. After complaints from my wife and children that our desktop, a computer I rarely use, was slowing down, I decided to do a complete Windows reinstall, wiping out everything and starting fresh.

To do so, I used a free program known as Derrick’s Boot and Nuke, or “DBAN” for short. It is thorough. After booting to DBAN from an ISO on a CD, I set all drives to “wipe”. DBAN works very well. It erases everything to the point that it is unrecoverable. Unfortunately, one of those drives that was erased was my wife’s thumb drive, which contained files she had inexplicably stored nowhere else.

Panic lead me to a free app from Easus, a company I was already familiar with. A free app called Data Recovery promised to make every attempt to recover those lost files.

Your computer is like your room: it’s yours, but other people can still see inside of it. That’s why we have hiding places in our rooms, where only we can find our hidden treasure. Sometimes your computer also has things you’d like to keep hidden, and it’s a hassle trying to figure out how to hide it.

That’s where My Lockbox comes in. My Lockbox is a lot more than a safe your folders, it also hides them from others entirely. Let’s find out if My Lockbox is the right software for your needs!


We’ve all had those days where we wish our computer was working just a little bit faster. We close all the programs that we aren’t using, but nothing works. That’s where JetBoost comes in!

Whether you need to speed up your computer for intensive graphic / processing work, or you need more available RAM for gaming, JetBoost can be the right solution for almost anyone’s need. Let’s go check it out if this software can help you out.


There is no shortage of apps out there that purport to give you the nitty-gritty details on what is going on behind the scenes with your computer. That is valuable information to have, given the threats that we all face these days by just signing in, downloading programs and surfing the internet. I recently took a look at Belarc Advisor, which I very much liked, but it is far from the only good one out there and I am always looking to find new and better ways to do things. With that in mind, I decided to give Kiwi System Info a shot and see what it could do.

The app comes from Kiwi Monitor, which makes a series of useful applications and utilities. That gives it promise, but promise does not always pay off these days. With that bit of skepticism in mind let us get started.


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