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Think about everything stored on your computer right now. Photos of special moments, that great vacation, or the last time you saw a friend, copies of the project that you’re working on for months or the paper you’re writing. Financial and tax records.

What happens if something happens to your computer and all that was lost? Let’s take a look at how to avoid all that tears and heart ache with CrashPlan!


If you are a power user, you probably like customizing everything from your browser to your operating system. Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a free app that lets you tweak your Windows installation to make it your very own.

It’s powerful and comes with a lot of features. Let’s see what you can do with Ultimate Windows Tweaker.


Managing optical disks is a pain, period. So, people started looking at Virtual disc drives as a convenient alternative. After all who wouldn’t want to play their games without any annoying interruptions.

Daemon tools is one of the strongest contenders and has been around for a few years now. Join me after the jump to find out why it’s so popular.


PC gaming in current years has lost its sheen since a big portion of the gaming crowd has transferred to console gaming. When visiting game shops, the PC game section is small and not varied compared to the vast number of games for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Is Steam the answer to PC gaming’s woes? Does Steam really supply what the PC gaming market needs? Let’s find out!


Moving documents and other files to a Kindle is often an arduous affair. Or at least that’s my experience so far.

So when I heard about Send to Kindle, I was quite eager to try it out. Is it worth your time? Let’s find out!


There has always been controversy about the Windows Phone Marketplace and the number of apps on it affecting the perception on the future of the platform. A common comment from a lot of users was also the fact that most of the apps were just RSS readers of a single website’s feed.

Next Gen Reader is not just another RSS reader. It is an RSS reader exclusively for Windows Phone and it claims to be the fastest Google Reader client for the platform. Does it live up to it’s claim? Let’s find out.


Even though FTP is fading away for most people, it is still an important protocol for many web designers and developers. Over the years, I have used many FTP programs and I always come back to FileZilla because of its usability.

FileZilla is an open-source, cross-platform, free FTP client that is packed with a ton of great features, and is still easy to use. Is it the one for you? Let’s find out!


It’s not at all a secret that if you live your digital life within the clouds of technology and the internet that you spend a significant amount of time transfixed to your computer screen.

Though with lesser fears of the age old ‘square-eyes’ myth, a common symptom of late-night hours-long continuous gazing at your computer monitor is eye-strain. It happens to everyone, but what if not using your computer as much for extended periods of time at night is not an option?

Well, this is where F.lux comes in.


We as Windows users, watched by the sidelines as Mac people got iTunes to sync their portables devices and wireless syncing of content, while we had no real solution. doubleTwist is here and aims to be that solution.

doubleTwist offers a beautiful and seamless way to wirelessly sync, play your music collection, and even purchase from Amazon MP3, all on Windows. Lets jump right in and check it out!


While I find the whole Mac vs. PC debate quite pointless, there’s one good thing that came out of it: apps for each OS that bring in some desirable functionality from the other. For Mac OS X, there’s RightZoom which allows for true window maximization and Witch, that offers more comprehensive window-switching.

For Windows, you can try Dexpot to get Exposé- and Spaces-like desktop behavior, and for the ubiquitous dock, you can try one of my favorite apps of all time – RocketDock.

RocketDock is an app launcher that puts a dock on your desktop with icons to launch apps from. It comes with a nice feature set and offers plenty of room for customization. If you love the OS X dock or simply enjoy a clutter-free desktop, you should definitely give it a try. Plus, there are lots of things it can do apart from displaying app shortcuts. Let’s take a closer look.


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