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Earlier this year Microsoft broke my heart by doing away with Live Mesh, a part of what was once known as the Windows Live Essentials suite of apps. In recent times the company has scaled back the service and also taken the Live out of the name, making it simply Windows Essentials.

There are a number of ways to replace Live Mesh — Microsoft would prefer for you to move on to SkyDrive, but the functionality is different, as the cloud serves as an intermediary and if you are syncing more than 7 GB of files then this will cost you. Microsoft also still makes SyncToy available for free, which is the Live Mesh predecessor. I have also used SyncBack SE and can attest that this app is an excellent replacement.

BitTorrent, a legitimate service that has largely been pigeonholed as an illegal file-sharing service, has been producing apps recently that are geared towards helping users with both video streaming and file synchronization, among other things.


Online cloud storage is all the buzz right now. There are countless solutions that allow you to upload and sync your files to the cloud and Box is one of them. Box allows you to store your files online and access them anywhere, anytime. With the free personal account, you get 5GB, into which you can store all kinds of files and organize them into folders.

You can also share files and folders, and you also get real-time updates when someone views, edits or comments on your file. In addition to that, you can also invite members into a share workspace and collaborate on a file. Box launched a Windows 8 app and has recently updated it. Let’s see just how good it is!


Anyone who owns an iPhone, iPad or iPod will have battled with iTunes. It is a piece of software that is unlikely to feature in many people’s top ten but it’s something that pretty much goes hand in hand with owning an iOS device.

If you live in a house where several people listen to music from iTunes, it makes sense to create a centralized library so that everyone can access the music they want without having to worry about which computer they are using. This is exactly what MediaRover enables you to do.


File sharing on the cloud has become the rage lately, thanks to much talked about services like Google Drive and iCloud. People claim that one service is better than the other but most of them will agree on one thing: that Dropbox is the most usable and the simplest of all these.

Let’s see what makes Dropbox so special, even after 4 years of existence.