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There are a lot of note taking applications to choose from, all with their own features, workflows, interfaces and what not. There are notes apps that stores pictures along with notes, attach videos and provide enough formatting options that they might as well be full-fledged word processors.

Is Resophnotes the definite note taking app? Let’s find out!


You may not think you’re a very organised person, but, subconsciously we all use some sort of technique to organize and prioritize our life — things like shopping lists, Post-it notes and a simple calendar are great examples.

Organisation is part of everyday life and we couldn’t function without it. It allows us to plan ahead, remember specific dates and times which in turn saves us effort and drama. Can Pagico help you organize your life? Let’s find out!


Breevy is a text expander, giving you the ability to automate repetitive keystrokes and phrases, and launch apps and websites. It’s an alternative to PhraseExpress, which we have covered before, and to TextExpander on the Mac. Breevy is available in a regular and portable version and is $34.95, but comes with a 30 day free trial.

Let’s find out whether Breevy is worth the price tag and how it stacks up as a text expansion app.


Word processing software has come a long way since the introduction of WordStar in 1978. In fact, modern word processors have evolved to add thousands of more features on top of those humble beginnings. Full WYSIWYG editing, advanced document layouts that give a simple word processor enough power to function as desktop publishing software.

A user could be forgiven for wondering if so many features are really necessary when all they really want to do is put words on a computer. Well, some software developers have considered this problem and a few years ago, a new class of word processing apps emerged: the “distraction-free” word processor.

In a sense, such products could also be referred to as full screen text editors, as the key characteristic of the application is running in full-screen mode to block out distractions and writing documents to be saved as plain .txt files, cutting out other extraneous features. Today, I’ll be looking at one such product: WriteMonkey.


If you’re a blogger who writes for many different websites, Windows Live Writer is your knight in shining armor. This app is part of the Live Essentials suite of software along with Windows Mail and Movie Maker.

Windows Live Writer is an incredible app designed to making your blogging life easier. You can add multiple blogging accounts on different platforms like WordPress, Blogger and TypePad. Is it worth your time? Let’s find out!


Microsoft is under tremendous pressure from multiple fronts. Every vertical of the company’s business is facing steadfast competition from battle hardened brands like Google and Apple. Frankly, they missed the smartphone revolution and it looked like they were about to lose the desktop and tablet revolution to the Mac and iPad.

For a company deeply entrenched in bureaucracy, Microsoft bounced back with the stunning Windows Phone 7 and now, Windows 8. Windows 8 is designed to offer the familiar user experience of the past and a brand new one for the future. Join me after the break to find in detail what the future of Windows holds for you.


Stuck in your dorm with a solitary port to spare? Your favorite coffee shop is ripping you off for every device you connect? Tired of carrying your own wireless router everywhere share your Internet connection?

What if I tell you that there is an easy way, an easy way that lets you turn laptop into a Wi-fi hotspot in 3 simple steps?

No, I’m not kidding.


There are many times you may wish to capture something from the screen for future use or reference. Up until now, you may have used a combination of print screen, a paint program to edit, and then a final copy to your application.

Techsmith has blown open the simple printscreen button to give you many and varied screen capture options but how does it work in practice, and does it really offer enough beyond your current print screen / edit process to warrant its ~£40 price tag? Let’s find out….


I can’t count the number of things I wish I’d written in a notebook to remind myself of later – ideas for articles, lyrics for songs, places to go, recipes to try and so on. It got to a point where I started carrying around a little notepad so I’d never forget things while on the move. Over time, I started to want a better way of keep track of ideas and staying organized, and that’s when I stumbled upon Evernote on the web.

I started using Evernote about three years ago and it’s become part of my productivity/GTD arsenal. The app has since evolved to accommodate all kinds of users, functions and usage styles. It’s also available for multiple platforms, including PC, Mac, web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, WebOS and is even on the Blackberry Playbook. Let’s take a tour of what the Windows version has to offer, shall we?


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