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Inky is a new email application that, in the words of its website, ‘pulls all your email accounts together in one place, [and] sorts your mail by relevance, letting you see your most important mail first. Enjoy your email again!’ Taglines telling us to ‘enjoy’ our email again are as old as the hills, and we’ve seen them on at least a half a dozen ambitious mail clients who ultimately fail in their promise to assist with the drudgery of email.

What makes Inky different? Does it succeed in its promise to make email enjoyable? Read on to find out.


I have been on the lookout for the perfect email client for years. I manage multiple email accounts and need a lightweight program with lots of features, including rules and filters. EmailTray advertises itself as a full-featured, lightweight smart email client for Windows so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Let’s find out what EmailTray can do and if it can stand up against the big boys like Outlook, Thunderbird and Postbox.


OneNote for Windows 8 has just been released, and it’s quite different from previous versions. The only application in the Office suite to make the jump to a Windows 8 app, OneNote is an entirely different beast from the rest of the Office family.

Its features have made it one of the best productivity applications out there for some time. Does OneNote for Windows 8 maintain the best features of its desktop-based predecessors?


Last year, I found myself in a quandary. With a new, large widescreen monitor, I felt I wasn’t making good use of the space I had available to me. I could so easily have had several windows open at the same time, but there wasn’t an easy way to do that with how Windows treats its, well, windows.

And that real estate space can be quite valuable. You can keep a document open there – perhaps as a reference – while you open other windows on the side. It’s not exactly what the Window Snap function does either, since that evenly divides your screen; the ability to give you control on how to divide your screen can be priceless. And that’s where MaxMax shines.


Windows 8 already offers limited multitasking functionality within it’s Modern UI, through it’s unique snap split view implementation. Toolbox, by Vectorform,  takes multitasking a step further and allows users to split it’s application into up to 6 different applications, or Tools as they are called. Is Toolbox a worthy tool to add to your Windows 8 app arsenal? Let find out!


I am one of those people who has the compulsive need to be so darn punctual and pre-plan every tiny bit of thing that happens around me. I have multiple apps that keep me organised on my desktop but I have been searching for a good mobile app for days and I finally came across Tasks.

Tasks is a simple but an excellent app for planning and organising your day to day affairs. It gives you the luxury of creating to-do lists, notes, project and add multiple to-do tasks and notes to it. Is it worth your time? Let’s find out!


We have all been there: we don’t have the right calculator or just need a better one but can’t afford it. It’s usually the case that we got a cheap calculator and it can’t graph, or even at times you just don’t understand how to use it. I know I have many times.

I’d be doing some math homework and my calculator could not do the problem because it didn’t have a bunch of features that you needed. It was hard being able to pay $100 for a one-off course.

That’s when I began my search for a tool that could meet my needs. I didn’t care if it was free or paid, because at least it would be cheaper and probably more convenient. That’s when I found Microsoft Math, a free software provided by Microsoft that was able to solve my math and lots of science problems. Let’s see whether it’s worth your while.


Windows Explorer does a basic job for Windows pretty well. But when using it, you can’t feel but that it’s a bit under featured. In the common situation where I’m working with more than one folder at the same time, I have to manage a separate Explorer window for each folder. That was once the normal state for applications, but lately application designers have begun bundling similar tasks into a single window.

Multi-document interfaces date back to the early days of Windows, but became very popular when adopted by many popular web browsers several years ago. The native Windows Explorer application hasn’t followed this pattern so for actions such as dragging files from one folder to another you must keep separate windows open. Will TabExplorer improve your computing experience? Let’s find out!

Editor’s Note: Often, an app is interesting enough to warrant multiple, different perspectives on its functionality and usability. Last week, you read Mark’s take on TabExplorer. This week, we’re going to take another look at it!


As a writer I’m always looking for tools to help make my job easier. Grammar and spelling mistakes are obviously one of the most embarrassing experiences for any writer. And even the best of us make mistakes sometimes. These normally come as accidental and can lead to work not being accepted. After being annoyed by this for months I decided I needed a utility to assist me.

That’s when I found Ginger, a free and easy to use grammar checker. Though, when I first found Ginger I was skeptical, because most of these pieces of software require payment and are difficult to use. However, this seemed like the perfect tool for me, and probably you too! Read on to find out more!


The summer is over and for many of us, school or college has begun. I love college and firmly believe that they’re the best days of your life. At times though having a job, attending class and clinging on to some kind of a social life is too much.

I’ve read dozens of ‘manuals’ and ‘how-to guides’ aimed at college students. They all prescribe some kind of system which in itself would require a full-time secretary to operate. This wastes valuable time and energy which could be devoted studying – or partying. Is StudyMinder the answer to this problem? Let’s find out!


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