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Write Your Next Novel with Liquid Story Binder XE

Writing a novel takes more organization than the typical word processor provides. Novel-writing programs pick up the slack.

Liquid Story Binder XE, by Black Obelisk Software, is a Windows-only novel-authoring program that helps you to organize your story in any way that you please.


I love calendars. And when I say I love calendars, I mean I LOVE them. If there is a calendar app for a platform I use, I have used that app. One of my favorite calendar programs happens to be a desktop app for Windows called VueMinder. I used the free trial last fall and quickly fell in love with VueMinder and bought a Pro license.

VueMinder boasts itself as “the best calendar program for Windows” and I tend to agree. Let’s find out what sets VueMinder apart from other calendar apps.


Any tool that aims to help to you to keep track of things you need to get done has to walk a fine line between offering the options needed to be flexible and versatile, but be simple enough to remain easy to use and uncluttered in appearance.

Todo is an aptly named app for Windows 8 that enables you to work in full screen mode for data entry or browsing tasks, but also includes a neat snapped  mode that enables you to keep your todo list on display at all times.


Project management tools are ten-a-penny for iOS and Android, but they are somewhat thinner on the ground for Windows users. Task Manager Professional is one of a growing number of apps that brings to-do list and project management to Windows 8.

If you’re looking for a way to keep on top of a DIY or business project, want to keep on top of things you have to do on a day to day basis in the home, could this be the tool that helps you to stay organized?


Making lists and outlines is a convenient way to organize information. Computers are another way of organizing information. Combining these things is irresistible.

UV Outliner is a Windows desktop application that has a unique way of doing this.


I’m a big fan of Google products, and for many years I’ve used the web versions, since they’ve met my needs as well as or better than native apps have. When I upgraded to Windows 8, I quickly found an acceptable mail substitute with the default Mail program. My Google Reader was not replaced so easily.

While I’d tried over a half a dozen RSS feed readers for Windows 8, all of them were shoddily made or lacking in features. But finally, I’ve found one that improves on the default web interface of Google Reader: NextGen Reader.


Email is an underrated and the most disrespected means of communication. It has been around for decades and has made official and personal communication inexpensive. Of course it has its own set of disadvantages, just like any other form of communication we are used to. To a large extent, the hatred towards email is fostered mainly by clunky and bloated email clients – both on the web and the desktop.

From time to time, Gmail and mail clients for Mac like the now defunct Sparrow reinvent the way emails are handled. Sadly for Windows, we never had slick clients like Sparrow when it came to desk email experience. But, that has changed now. Recently, I was introduced to Mailbird, which I’m sure is gonna take desktop email experience to the next level.


If you want to write any kind of novel — a literary masterpiece, a potboiler, or even fan fiction — you’ll need all the help that you can get. Applications that have been specifically designed for writing novels exist to make writing them easier.

One such application that has gained prominence on the Macintosh is Scrivener, by Literature and Latte. Scrivener has ported their flagship product to Microsoft Windows.


We find ourselves in an interesting transitional period. For those who have just switched to Windows 8 from Windows 7 or below, the sudden absence of the start menu is jarring. We feel lost, and just don’t know how to work the operating system as effectively as we did before.

Now, for the most part, a lot of us have learned to operate anew, but for a lot more of us there’s still that itch. That itching to keep the start menu around for a little while longer. Pokki’s here to scratch that itch.


In these days of more, more and even more, isn’t it sometimes refreshing to have less and less and less? I refer to distractions. While you’re trying to concentrate on writing that next best–seller a million and one things are vying for your attention; Email notifications, Windows Updates, Tweets, FaceBook updates, BaseCamp notifications, whatever it might be, it wants you to read it right.this.instant.

This is where a full screen editor like Q10 comes in; turn off those notifications, disconnect the internet(!), fire up the app and relax a little… You now have a distraction free space to get some writing done. I used it to compose this article, should you give it a go too?


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