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The world is getting smaller by the day, since the advent of satellites. People have moved away from the expensive mobile phones to more elegant voice over Internet solutions like Skype. The fact that, more than 200 billion minutes of calls using Skype last year alone should speak volumes about its awesomeness.

When Redmond acquired Skype out of the blue for $8.5 bn a couple of years back people started seeing the next tech bubble. However it made a lot of business sense, in the wake of Google and Facebook virtually rooting MS from the IM market, until they completely botched it up. They missed several opportunities to tie Skype with their platform. Even weirder, there wasn’t an official release for their flagship Windows Phone 7 till late summer last year while there was back to back releases on iOS and Android platforms.

When Windows 8 was due, an acute app crunch was looming over their heads and had to dust off something from their own labs. Enter Skype Metro.


Perhaps the most basic requirement of any operating system is a good chat app. Windows 8 ships with the default Messaging app, but as it lacks Google Talk support, this essentially cripples that app. So in my quest to find Windows 8 apps for all of my day-to-day functions, I stumbled upon Chat.

The simply-named, even simpler program is one of many chat programs in the Windows 8 store that promise simple day to day use. But so far, I’d not stumbled upon a program that meets any of those promises, until I found Chat.


There is no shortage of apps out there that purport to give you the nitty-gritty details on what is going on behind the scenes with your computer. That is valuable information to have, given the threats that we all face these days by just signing in, downloading programs and surfing the internet. I recently took a look at Belarc Advisor, which I very much liked, but it is far from the only good one out there and I am always looking to find new and better ways to do things. With that in mind, I decided to give Kiwi System Info a shot and see what it could do.

The app comes from Kiwi Monitor, which makes a series of useful applications and utilities. That gives it promise, but promise does not always pay off these days. With that bit of skepticism in mind let us get started.


Write Your Next Novel with Liquid Story Binder XE

Writing a novel takes more organization than the typical word processor provides. Novel-writing programs pick up the slack.

Liquid Story Binder XE, by Black Obelisk Software, is a Windows-only novel-authoring program that helps you to organize your story in any way that you please.


One thing everyone has in common is music. You may have your favorite genre and bands but you almost always have your music. I always don’t have the time to download the songs I want and load it in my device. Come on, who has the time for that? And when I do, there isn’t a lot of memory left for me for other stuff like files and apps.

This is where Amazing Music gets the spotlight. With this app, you can listen to awesome music on the go and it doesn’t take up much memory space and also, you get to listen to the latest trending music. Well, isn’t that amazing? Now, let us dig in to the app and see what else it offers.


Yes, a decade. Maxis has taken a decade to give us another of those little, cute city builders that are, in two words, supremely addictive. Some of you might say, what about the SimCity Societies that came in 2007? Well, it never had the same appeal as SimCity 4 and, I am sure you will agree, was significantly different from all other SimCity games in the chronology.

Back in 2003, when SimCity 4 came out, it was a rage among gamers. It had improved upon an already successful franchise and gave gamers what they sorely needed, depth! However, post that, Maxis went underground and the whole franchise started gathering dust. Now, after 10 years, holding the SimCity Beta in my shaky hands actually feels good. It belongs to a legacy, but the question remains; will it hold true to its lineage?


Have you ever wanted to get yourself back into shape but don’t know where to start? If so, I’ve decided to help you along, because I’ve been in such similar situation. As we get big or too lean, we want to change the way we look and feel. Most of the time you feel very uncomfortable with yourself.

Technology has changed everything and now it can also help you change physically and get in shape. There are many applications that help you monitor your health and track your performances. Now lets look at some of the best apps in the Windows 8 store to get you started with.

Are you ready?


Window management is a necessary, but potentially irritating part of working in an operating system like Windows. The ability to have multiple programs open at the same time greatly simplifies sharing data between programs. It also allows easy switching between different applications when needed. When moving information between programs it’s not always easy to get the windows laid out the way that you’d like.

The built in options to manage multiple windows are pretty basic. You can easily maximize a window to occupy the full screen or minimize a window out of the way to the task bar. Windows 7 added the handy ability to automatically size a window to fit either the left or right half of your screen, but there is still no in between option. WinMaximumize is a freeware utility to help provide an in between option. Let’s see ho well it does this task and if it can save you time.


Financial discipline is a hard trait to come by these days. With our wallets stuffed with so many free credit cards, it is incredibly hard not to fall into the debt spiral. One good practice that can save you from this trench is to keep a close tab on your spending. You will be surprised how much we waste our hard earned money.Tracking finances is not that easy as it sounds. Apart from self discipline, we need an intelligent tool which can set us in the right direction. Papers and spreadsheets simply do not work. There are many other nerdy alternatives like Mint, which will make your life hell before you know it, with all its complex configurations and pointed antlers.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Toshl and was instantly intrigued by its stunning simplicity. At first glance it looked like just the thing that I was looking for. Can it live up to its expectations? Join me after the jump to find out.


I can’t start off my day without a good newspaper. But it has become an unaccomplished task for the past few, well alright, oh so many, months since if I had to give up sleep or the news, I would gladly give up the newspaper. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t read it on my way to college.

I don’t always carry my laptop but I always do carry my Windows Phone. That gives me the luxury of using Weave News Reader which gathers breaking news from around the world and brings them right where I am. It isn’t just about news. I could also follow blogs and sites with the app. Now, that is interesting enough for me to review this app.


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