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Last year when Apple released their iPhone 4s one of the major new releases was Siri. A voice control system which allowed you to manage your phone in a more interesting way. Now that Siri has been around a year, other companies to follow suit, trying to replicate this exciting new implementation of voice recognition.

One of the best Siri clones has been Ask Ziggy, an app which follows the same concept, but on the Windows Phone. Since buying my phone Ziggy has been a firm favourite of mine. Using it in everyday situations to settle debates and set reminders.

Read on to find out more!


Boredom induced random browsing of the internet has often led me to find interesting applications, along with a lot of other murky stuff. Some of these apps have been incredibly useful, some not so much.

Here are two applications from Glorylogic, that, I believe, might be of great use to you.


Optimizing and tuning up the performance of a desktop is serious business. It probably could be the second most stuff people care about than keeping their PC’s free from viruses and malware. Windows has gotten a lot better than it was and Windows 7 probably is the best operating system in the market.

But, the more things change, more they remain the same. Let’s admit it, all the enhancements over the past decades have not changed the core of the operating system that generates clutter real fast and slows down performance over time. Being the most used operating system in the World, you don’t have the luxury of writing it from scratch and breaking down backward compatibility.

To give them the credit they deserve, third party companies have done a lot of heavy lifting to make the Windows experience a whole lot better. TuneUp Utilities is a notable one of the lot and after a the jump, let’s take their new release for a test drive.


They saw you don’t talk about religion and politics if you want to keep your relationship smooth with someone. They’re forgetting one more thing: which movie to see!

More often than not, trying to pick a movie to see takes more time than watching the darn movie in the first place! This is where a aggregator of some sort helps as they give you a quick idea of what the movie is about and how the critics and fans feel about the movie. IMDB is one of the forerunners of this category and today we’re going to take a look at IMDB’s Windows phone version.


Friday marked the launch of the latest version of Microsoft’s eponymous Office lineup, and to celebrate we are going to be releasing a series of Office 2013 posts, including Reviews and How-Tos, to find out what Microsoft have brought to the table in this shiny new suite of Productivity software.

Let’s start with the ubiquitous Word today!


Everybody enjoys listening to music. However, what really determines your listening experience is how you decide to listen to your music. Many music lovers are moving their music to the cloud. While this is far more convenient compared to the traditional method of having a locally stored library, the quality of music is not always preserved.

Audiophiles such as myself typically use desktop players. Many desktop music players such as iTunes don’t always perform very well and don’t look too great either. If you happen to be on the lookout for a responsive, aesthetically pleasing, and free music player, Foobar2000 may be what you are looking for.

Is it worth checking out? Let’s take a look!


I’m an Apple user in every sense of the word. My computer’s a MacBook. My tablet’s an iPad. My phone’s an iPhone. I’m as immersed in Apple’s ecosystem as much as one could be but the recent launch of Windows 8 still very much piqued my attention. As I’m sure you’ve read, Windows 8 is a massive detour from the traditional desktop computer experience but this very example of innovation encouraged me to hand over my £25 and give Windows 8 a try.

This article isn’t actually a review, but rather my impressions with Windows 8 as someone who’s not properly used Windows in nearly two years and a comparison to my experiences with Windows 8. Let’s go Metro!


Long gone are the days when we physically had to flip through the pages to read the news. In this ADD infused age, who has the time to actually sit in a place and read what is going on? We have started to read 700 page novels in our laptops and tablets because it is convenient this way. So why not news?

Looking for a good news app, I came across Newser in the Windows Marketplace. Newser is one of those apps which gives you all the essential news from all around the world. The good thing is that the stories are not lengthy and you can actually read and parse something in less than a minute which is a boon to people who really don’t like to read much. All it takes is a decent internet connection and you can be well read and informed!


Superbrothers: Swords and Sworcery is an award winning game designed by Superbrothers and Capybara Games. Capybara Games is a relatively new studio, having started off in the mobile market back in 2005, and eventually making their way on to the likes of the XBox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, PC, OSX, Linux and the iOS mobile operating system.

Their most recent game before this one was a fairly small release of Critter Crunch back in in 2008. Capybara Games have had a long good grasp of the mobile operating system before they made their way to iOS, and from the success of this new game of theirs, they’ve come a long way.


Amazons Weekly Deals, out of the blue, had a Windows Phone for sale at £90. Conditioned through years of crapware, instantly I assumed something was wrong. I’d never seen Windows Phones go on sale for this low but at this low a price, I didn’t wish to miss out on this opportunity to test out the hardware. After researching the phone for around five minutes I decided it was worth a shot.

That’s when the ZTE Tania came into my life. Is it worth showing up in yours? Let’s find out!


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