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Computer users living in the US are somewhat spoilt for choice when it comes to watching TV online, but anyone living in the UK does not have such a good deal. A few video streaming services do exist, but these will almost always involve entering a contract and paying each month.

TVCatchup – despite the arguably confusing name as this service is now concerned solely with live TV – is a web site, and now Windows 8 app, that can be used to watch dozen of free-to-air TV stations, free from subscription and charges.


Windows Media Center was an aspect of Windows that never really took off – there were always several other tools that did much the same job in a much more satisfying way. With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft saw fit to drop the tool altogether (although it’s still available as an addon).

This means that there is now more incentive than ever for developers to produce decent media management tools, and for users to seek them out. Multimedia 8 is one of the first media center-style tools that’s worth taking a look at.


I am sure I am not alone in the fascination I have with the weather. While storms can be dangerous and do considerable damage I still must confess that I love watching them. I live in an area that gets frequent late-day thunderstorms in summer and an occasional tropical storm in late  summer or fall. During these events I can be found sitting on my porch watching the action. Honestly, I probably should have been a storm chaser.

I constantly check the weather app on my Android phone and weather web sites on my PC. As for the computer, I recently came across an even simpler option than the web browser — Weather Watcher Live for Windows. The app pulls data from multiple sources to give all sorts of useful information and even warnings about severe conditions.


Making lists and outlines is a convenient way to organize information. Computers are another way of organizing information. Combining these things is irresistible.

UV Outliner is a Windows desktop application that has a unique way of doing this.


If you’re anything like me, a Twitter user and a Windows Phone User, you’ll probably feel a tiny bit disappointed. Looking at the Twitter client for Android and iOS you can quickly see a distinct lack of quality and smoothness which you don’t get with the Windows Phone Official Twitter app. To be honest, it always feels like you’re missing something which makes Twitter the powerhouse social network we all love and use.

In my opinion, it’s time to branch out and look for alternative Twitter apps which will provide a better user experience. When searching through the various options I was often disappointed in service and just how basic some apps were – that’s when I came across Twabbit.

Twabbit is a fully functioning and accessible app which possesses everything you need to use Twitter the way you want to. Read on to find out more!


There can be few web sites that are as well-known as Wikipedia. Whether you want to find out when David Bowie’s first single was release, or need to learn about the properties of cadmium, this is often the first port of call for any query.

With the site being so easily accessible through a browser, you might question the need for a dedicated app, but Wikipedia For Windows 8 shows that there are a great many benefits to working with the online encyclopaedia in this way.


There are people who can’t get through a day without taking a peek at Reddit. I realized I was one of them a while ago. Browsing through Reddit through a browser in Windows Phone can be a huge headache though, do you not agree?

For those who love Reddit, Baconit is an excellent Metro styled app that makes redditing easy and much more usable from a Windows phone. Now, let us dig in to the features of Baconit and make sure this is a “worth downloading” app.


How many web sites do you visit each day to read the news you’re interested in? Increasing numbers of people are discovering how useful a new reader can be thanks to the fact that updates from all of the sites you’re interested in can be viewed in one place.

News Bento is a streamlined Windows 8 news reader that can be used to subscribe to newsfeeds or used to access feeds you have added to Google Reader.


Web-based email services such as Yahoo! and Gmail have become more and more advanced to the point that they are almost indistinguishable from dedicated desktop email clients in terms of features.

But there is still a huge market for clients such as Outlook and, unlike online email services, you are placed firmly in charge of your data and bear responsibility for making sure that it remain safe and accessible. The problem with Outlook is that all of you emails and other data are stored in one, potentially gigantic, PST file. Should this become corrupt, you run the risk of losing everything, but Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is, as the name suggests, a tool designed to help you out should the worst happen.


For a long time now, I have been looking for an alternative to IE for my Windows Phone and I can’t believe I missed UC Browser. Let’s face it: IE is a decent browser. But it can be terribly slow and there are no new features there. It is just a bit boring without any customization options.

UC Browser is a top notch browser specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. They know what they are dealing with and they have packed in a lot of really great features which makes this browser very apt for Windows Phone.


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