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Photo manipulation is the oldest trick in the trade but still hasn’t lost it’s sheen. In fact it’s on it’s path to glory, with the advent of smart phones. Smart phones has slowly started to replace our digital cameras. Most of the smart phones now comes with a powerful camera capable of taking decent photos/ videos.

Cameras in windows phones have really come of age, thanks to Nokia and is heating up market. We’ve some pretty good apps to manage our own photo studio. Today we review 2 such apps, try to measure the performance of both and see how they fare in the real world.

It’s time for the contest…


It’s not at all a secret that if you live your digital life within the clouds of technology and the internet that you spend a significant amount of time transfixed to your computer screen.

Though with lesser fears of the age old ‘square-eyes’ myth, a common symptom of late-night hours-long continuous gazing at your computer monitor is eye-strain. It happens to everyone, but what if not using your computer as much for extended periods of time at night is not an option?

Well, this is where F.lux comes in.


We often turn to some video converter for help and more often than not we walk away disappointed. Either your converter doesn’t support your favorite device or the right product is just too expensive for use.

Tired of looking for the perfect app that can make movie watching fun again? Well it’s your lucky day. Today we’ve a product in hand which can alleviate you of all the pain if it works as promised. Let’s find out if it lives up to our expectations.


I practically live in Evernote. The application serves as my outboard brain, holding all of the bits of information that I can’t keep straight in my own head. Evernote was one of the first applications that I installed when I first started using Windows Phone, and I put that little elephant through its paces for the sake of a full review.

So is this version of Evernote as compelling as the rest of the suite, or will this application be the one thing that an elephant pretends that it forgot? Let’s find out.


Many of us share a mutual fascination with the weather, and use forecasts to do everything from avoiding looking out the window to planning our activity over the next week. The main medium I read a forecast is through my smartphone, but, on Windows Phone 7, there’s a plethora of choices.

In this roundup, we’ll take a look at the available weather apps on Windows Phone.


Let’s face it: creating secure passwords and actually remembering those darn things are mutually exclusive. And most people, understandably, choose one thing or the other leading to a net loss of usability and security.

Developers saw this niche and started creating applications that take care of your credentials for you. And to take it a step forward, most even do automatic form filling for you — a boon with those long winded, unusable forms you see on most checkouts.

Dashlane is a new entrant into this arena. Can it dethrone the incumbents? Let’s find out!


With the recent introduction of the full color 7″ multi-touch Kindle Fire, Amazon has positioned the Kindle in yet another burgeoning segment of the holiday shopping stratosphere for 2011. It truly appears that Amazon’s goal for the Kindle brand of products, by 2012, is to breach every nook and cranny of the shopper subconscious, and then eliminate any and all barriers to a purchase by the end of the holiday season.

Kindle for PC has opened Amazon’s doors to millions of new potential customers, and increased the demand for Amazon’s eBooks by redefining their strategy and broadening their approach to the sale of their digital media. Within this in depth review, we take a long look at the Windows based variant of Kindle, and attempt to paint a better picture of the competitive advantages that Amazon hopes to gain with the introduction of the product.


I remember the days back when the only MP3s I could get my hands on were clips of songs from websites promoting CD albums – I was on a 9.6 kbps connection and it’d take about an hour to download 20 seconds of audio. But that was a big deal then and I wanted to enjoy listening to the music I’d acquired from the other side of the globe as best as I could.

I started trying out all the media players available on CDs that accompanied computer magazines and that’s when I first stumbled upon Winamp. The year was 1997, and thus began my love affair with the most beautiful media player for Windows. Is it any good today? Let’s find out.


There’s never been a better time to be a fan of movies, music and television. We now have HD TVs offering crystal-clear picture quality, Blu-Ray discs with enhanced features and 3D content and audio solutions to suit every need and taste. Content has also become easier to come by, thanks to online music stores, movie streaming services and TV channels that are served via the web.

If you’re looking to bring all this together to create the ultimate home entertainment experience, you might want to consider a web-enabled set-top box or better yet, a HTPC (home theater personal computer) setup. There are a number of options available in this segment, including Google TV, Apple TV and Roku but at present, Boxee seems to be the most compelling. Is it really that good? Let’s find out!


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