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They saw you don’t talk about religion and politics if you want to keep your relationship smooth with someone. They’re forgetting one more thing: which movie to see!

More often than not, trying to pick a movie to see takes more time than watching the darn movie in the first place! This is where a aggregator of some sort helps as they give you a quick idea of what the movie is about and how the critics and fans feel about the movie. IMDB is one of the forerunners of this category and today we’re going to take a look at IMDB’s Windows phone version.


Long gone are the days when we physically had to flip through the pages to read the news. In this ADD infused age, who has the time to actually sit in a place and read what is going on? We have started to read 700 page novels in our laptops and tablets because it is convenient this way. So why not news?

Looking for a good news app, I came across Newser in the Windows Marketplace. Newser is one of those apps which gives you all the essential news from all around the world. The good thing is that the stories are not lengthy and you can actually read and parse something in less than a minute which is a boon to people who really don’t like to read much. All it takes is a decent internet connection and you can be well read and informed!


Over the years, Microsoft has bundled several useful utility apps with their flagship Windows operating systems. Sadly, screen capturing is not one of them. Sure, you can press “Prnt Scrn” and paste it in Paint as you’ve always done, but it doesn’t work for most of us. The same applies to the half-cooked Snipping tool, shipped along with certain flavors of Windows 7.

At AppStorm, our work involves a lot of images and screenshots. We need a powerful tool to satisfy our huge appetite. Are you like us, who is in dire need for the ultimate tool to satisfy your taste buds? Look no beyond! Today, I’m going to introduce you to SnagIt, the most sought after screen recording platform.


When did it become geeky to say that you are a voracious reader? Needless to say, I have no faith in the future of the society. Spitefulness aside, in my quest for better, easier and accessible e-book management, I found Calibre.

The name itself means a degree of excellence. We’re off to a good start! Does it live up to its name? Let’s find out!


Let me tell you one thing right up front. I am not a very big fan of Winamp. All you can do is add the songs to playlists — it doesn’t provide you with any features to organize your songs according to your fuzzy needs.

And iTunes? It sure can organize your songs but it’s also very cluttered and bloated. It tries too hard to accommodate everything in a single piece of software.

Songbird sells itself as the ticket out of this madness. Let’s find out whether it lives up to its claims.


We all love to read our favorite blogs from all over the Internet everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. However remembering which sites you visit can be a hassle. So many people bookmark them in a web browser; nothing is wrong with that, but the best way is to subscribe to RSS feeds with a feed reader.

FeedDemon is an RSS feed reader that can pull in all of your RSS feeds and update them at specific intervals. FeedDemon also has a few great features that we will explore as well. So without further or due, lets review FeedDemon!


One of my friends recently recommended that I try out Whatsapp and being the curious person that I am, I agreed. At first, I didn’t really get the point of it as I didn’t want to open a different application every time I wanted to text someone.

But considering the fortune that my carrier charges me for every text, I decided to give it a go, with great hesitation. I should probably tell you this: it was completely worth it.


Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury and Myopia are painful byproducts of working long hours in a computer. If you’re not careful, they will lead to a situation where surgery will be the only option relieve your pain.

One of the easiest ways to prevent these ailments is to make sure that you take regular breaks when working to relax and stretch your muscles. But when you are so busy with work, you might forget to do that and that’s when Workrave comes in handy. Is it worth your time? Let’s find out!


Storage is incredibly cheap these days. A couple of hundred bucks could buy you the kind of space that was only found only on huge data centers some years ago, virtually nullifying the need for optical disks.

Optical drives are dead for a long time now. No one uses it anymore as they make our lives harder than necessary. But most of our important data is available in the form of DVDs and is incredibly difficult to manage. Today, I’m going to show you how to backup all your data from your age-old disks without worrying about losing them.


Facebook has become an integral part of our lives — it’s really not an exaggeration. We can’t eat, sleep or perform any of our daily chores without sneaking a peek at what others are up to or telling people what we are up to.

We are not chained to a desktop all day. So how do we check what our friends are up to on the go? This is where Facebook app for windows mobile comes in handy.


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