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Recently I reviewed an app called Twabbit, an advanced Twitter client which gave the user a mass array of different settings and options — definitely not the simplest of apps. However, today I’ll be looking at Rowi, a Twitter client which is far simpler, but, still possesses the features necessary for a solid replacement.

Rowi, similar to Twabbit, is £1.29 for the full version. This means there isn’t any difference in price between the two. However, while Rowi may appear basic first this app can just about bring enjoyment to anyone. Read on to find out more!


I’m sure there are a lot of people like me who love cooking and want to try out new recipes every single day – or at least every weekend? Yes, the internet has a huge repository of great recipes but having your own database in your Windows phone is much cooler, don’t you agree?

I have been meaning to try a nice cook book app for a long time and BigOven suddenly struck my eye in the Windows Marketplace – pure luck, I guess. BigOven claims that it has over 250,000+ recipes and one million registered cooks from around the world. Well, clearly a lot of people are using it and it is time for me to try it out.


There’s no dearth of music players out there in the Windows universe, each one with a unique take on how such an app should look and function. From the humble Windows Media Player to the feature-packed Winamp to the infinitely customizable foobar2000, there’s something for every taste. But just when you thought we had every base covered, I came across Stoffi Music Player.

Designed by a cross-national team of four to fit in with native Windows programs and be as simple to use as possible, Stoffi Music Player takes a novel approach towards finding and playing back audio on your PC and beyond. The app includes some interesting features that make it worth trying out — but will you stick with it? Let’s turn the volume to 11 and find out!


If you’re anything like me, a Twitter user and a Windows Phone User, you’ll probably feel a tiny bit disappointed. Looking at the Twitter client for Android and iOS you can quickly see a distinct lack of quality and smoothness which you don’t get with the Windows Phone Official Twitter app. To be honest, it always feels like you’re missing something which makes Twitter the powerhouse social network we all love and use.

In my opinion, it’s time to branch out and look for alternative Twitter apps which will provide a better user experience. When searching through the various options I was often disappointed in service and just how basic some apps were – that’s when I came across Twabbit.

Twabbit is a fully functioning and accessible app which possesses everything you need to use Twitter the way you want to. Read on to find out more!


There are people who can’t get through a day without taking a peek at Reddit. I realized I was one of them a while ago. Browsing through Reddit through a browser in Windows Phone can be a huge headache though, do you not agree?

For those who love Reddit, Baconit is an excellent Metro styled app that makes redditing easy and much more usable from a Windows phone. Now, let us dig in to the features of Baconit and make sure this is a “worth downloading” app.


While I do not condone the ripping of rented or borrowed DVD’s or sharing ripped discs via bit torrent, there are perfectly legitimate reasons to record a DVD to your computer. Many of us are fans of home theater computers (HTPC) or have computer-based set-top boxes like Boxee or NeoTV that can stream content from different PC’s and servers around our home. That makes getting all of the discs we purchase onto a hard drive to create a sort of video jukebox a worthwhile endeavor.

There are a number of good free apps, such as DVD Shrink, that can do this but, thanks to ever-changing DRM methods, these can’t handle every disc. DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is a form of copy protection that is used by the movie studios in an effort to prevent their DVD’s from being ripped and pirated. It does absolutely nothing to thwart piracy, but it does cause plenty of problems for legitimate paying customers.

Is it worth your time? Let’s find out!


Much of my life revolves around music. Whenever I use my computer, I have music on, and when outside I usually use a portable media player. Unlike most people, I listen to whole albums instead of random songs, and my music collection is organized by bands and their albums.

With Jaangle, formerly named Teen Spirit, I found a free, light and fast piece of software, which satisfies all my needs. Don’t let the simple looks of this player fool you, because Jaangle is an incredible and reliable music player.


The media is important to everyone. It allows us to find out everything we need to know as well as influencing our everyday lives. However, there are so many different types of media it’s often hard to choose which one we would like to read, watch or listen to. Personally, I prefer to read my news — this way allows me to take everything in at my own pace and give me the opportunity to quickly come back to it later.

Although, ever since buying my Windows Phone I’ve been in desperate need of a capable and fast news application. Eventually, I came across Metro, a free newspaper which is heavily circulating in the UK.

Read on to find out if Metro is the app for you!


The hardest thing I go through everyday is to go to bed. Not waking up from bed in the morning, that’s hard too, but go to bed and sleep every night. I know it sounds weak but for some people it is hard to get a good night’s sleep, don’t you agree?

Sleep is a dream come true for most of u as it contains a wide collection of sounds which can be configured with extra tones to induce a peaceful sleep.


It’s amazing how, today, with a smartphone you have information about virtually everything at your fingertips wherever you go. And location-based apps take things a step further by allowing you to find friends nearby, search for restaurants in your area and see how bad traffic is en route to your next destination. But have you ever wished your phone could just tell you about great things to eat/see/do/buy around where you are, when you’re there?

That’s exactly what NowFloats is all about — it’s a new, personal way to discover what’s interesting wherever you are, through tips and thoughts shared by other users, and updates on events and special offers. It’s perfect for exploring cities you’re unfmailiar with or even stumbling upon something you never knew about in your own neighbourhood. Let’s take a look at how it works, shall we?


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