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Over the past few weeks on Windows.Appstorm I’ve looked at two well crafted Twitter clients called Twabbit and Rowi. Both of them have impressed me and caused me to ditch the basic app which has annoyed and frustrated me in the past. By altering the flaws that the official client possessed these apps create a Twitter experience which is much better equipped for Windows Phone users.

But, it would be pointless using two different Twitter clients when they both do the same thing, wouldn’t it? In this article I’m going to pit Twabbit and Rowi against each other and discover which app is the best to use. Read on to find out which one I prefer.


Do you hate it when you have to skip a song when you clean your house and your computer, which is playing it, is way back in the other room? Or think about this scenario – you hang out on your system after a long day at work and you go to your bed and forgot to turn if off? No one wants to get out of the cozy bed just to shut it down. Well… I don’t.

From now on, you can control your system from where you are using PC Remote! All you have to do is, have a Windows Phone, download the app and use it. PC Remote is loaded with a great deal of useful features. Let’s take a look at it.


One thing everyone has in common is music. You may have your favorite genre and bands but you almost always have your music. I always don’t have the time to download the songs I want and load it in my device. Come on, who has the time for that? And when I do, there isn’t a lot of memory left for me for other stuff like files and apps.

This is where Amazing Music gets the spotlight. With this app, you can listen to awesome music on the go and it doesn’t take up much memory space and also, you get to listen to the latest trending music. Well, isn’t that amazing? Now, let us dig in to the app and see what else it offers.


Have you ever wanted to get yourself back into shape but don’t know where to start? If so, I’ve decided to help you along, because I’ve been in such similar situation. As we get big or too lean, we want to change the way we look and feel. Most of the time you feel very uncomfortable with yourself.

Technology has changed everything and now it can also help you change physically and get in shape. There are many applications that help you monitor your health and track your performances. Now lets look at some of the best apps in the Windows 8 store to get you started with.

Are you ready?


I can’t start off my day without a good newspaper. But it has become an unaccomplished task for the past few, well alright, oh so many, months since if I had to give up sleep or the news, I would gladly give up the newspaper. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t read it on my way to college.

I don’t always carry my laptop but I always do carry my Windows Phone. That gives me the luxury of using Weave News Reader which gathers breaking news from around the world and brings them right where I am. It isn’t just about news. I could also follow blogs and sites with the app. Now, that is interesting enough for me to review this app.


There are a plethora of apps for Twitter with myriad of features in the marketplace, but all the existing apps lack one or more features, some ridden with bugs and others have serious design flaws. At the time when we were all craving for “The One”, the all encompassing app, Mehdoh is here, the most comprehensive Twitter app yet.

So, let us delve deep into the system and see what are the most distinguishing attributes that make Mehdoh the most compelling and indomitable app to tweet on.


I loved creating collages when I was a kid. I tried making one now and apparently I’m not very good at them now and physically ruined the original photos whilst making a collage. Shucks! In this digital age, making a real collage is time consuming and how would you brag about them to your friends? This is where Phototastic comes in handy.

Unlike other photography related apps, Phototastic focuses mainly on making impressive collages rather than addinging effects on the images. Well, you can do that too as there are innumerable options in this app. Let’s take a look!


Books have changed a great deal in recent years. While physical books are just about as popular as ever, there is an ever-growing electronic book market; this encompasses not only what is traditionally thought of as an ebook (think Nook, Kindle et al), but also audio books.

In the audio book arena, there are not many tools vying for attention – it’s Audible all the way. While there has been an aps available for mobile devices for some time, the Windows 8 Audible app took a little while to see the light of day. Now it’s here, but is it any good?


Just last weekend, I was bullied into baby sitting my neice and you should know, like lots of people my age, I am not really child-friendly. I had no idea what to do or how to entertain her and it was pretty embarrassing, for a while.

That was when I remember what I liked back when I was a child: cartoons! I had to find an amazing app just for the kids and my search ended in Kids TV, an containing a whole deal of cartoons and games. The moment I opened the app and showed it to her, she went crazy and was hooked on it all evening. This sure was a life saver. Any app which keeps the kids silent definitely requires a review and here I am!


In the late 90s and early 2000s, it was nearly impossible to find a PC that didn’t have Winamp installed on it. The music player with its sparse interface and plethora of plugins was everybody’s favourite. Its simplicity and ease-of-use for a non-techie was an instant sell, while the audiophiles were thrilled with the options it offered.

Since then, there has been no shortage of music players released, and while Foobar comes closest to capturing the glory of Winamp of old, it doesn’t quite match up. Try giving Foobar to someone who isn’t tech-savvy and see them struggle with it.

I’ve long been on the lookout for something that had the simplicity of the old Winamp, but had a modern and easy interface, so that my mom could use it. And it needed to be light so that it can run well on her netbook.

Gom Player still is my favourite movie player, so when they announced an audio player, I just had to take a look. So does Gom Audio match up to the Winamp of old?


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