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Kids these days are hard to be entertained. Else, they keep bothering you and everybody needs a peace of mind then and there, right? Children between the age of two to five love to color. That is an established fact. There are not enough coloring books in the world for them. Of course you can let them use MS Paint. But having them see a computer screen for so long bothers me somehow.

This is where Shapes Coloring Book comes in to the picture. It is a Windows mobile app which consists of a lot of pictures for the kids to color. Of course that is not all it offers? Let’s take a quick look.


I was browsing through the Windows Phone App Store the other day and was appalled to see the severe drought in the number of quality health and fitness tracking applications for my windows phone. At the end of my search, I found Microsoft’s own Personal Health Record management system Healthvault and little did I know that they had a Windows Phone version of their web application.

To turn back in time, Microsoft launched their web based PHR management system way back in the year 2007, and most of us including me was of the thinking that the Redmond giant has discontinued with the service and never knew that it is rendering its continuous support for its dormant existence.


Everyone has their favourite coffee shop where they can relax and drink their favourite beverage. For me that shop is Starbucks. The internationally famous company delivers great service and gives customers the best drinks on the high street.

One thing which heavily disappointed me was that the Official Starbucks app was only available for Android and iOS — leaving out the Windows operating system. I remember going into shops and feeling annoyed when my friends would pay for drinks with their mobile devices. Then I found hope. From the developers Sensability, comes an app called Starbucks Finder which possesses all of the same features.

This app is perfect for me and since discovering it I’ve used the service every time when paying for drinks at Starbucks. Read on to find out more!

I should also mention that Starbucks Finder isn’t restricted to any countries. Listing Starbucks stores across the world.


The number of people from different countries that I know has significantly increased over the past few years. A lot of my classmates are from other continents and even though they can speak English, it is nice to woo them by sending texts in their own language once in a while, don’t you agree?

I found a nice app for translating text right from my Windows phone. Yeah, you can Google but it is useful to have an app solely dedicated for translation then and there. The app’s name is Translator and it is one of the best rated app on the Marketplace.


Personally I’m a fitness freak and a statistics aficionado and this is a story of how I combined both got motivated and started to train for my first marathon using the most powerful Runtastic app on my windows phone.

Ever since I watched Samuel Wanjiru touching the finish line to break the world record in the London marathon, I’ve always wanted to run a marathon and many a times I’ve started my training but a week after that both my energy and motivation peters out into empty vacuous dreams. Last month out of sheer coincidence when I began my training again, I came across Runtastic and there is no looking back after that.



It’s been 7 years since the inception of Twitter with Jack Dorsey’s first tweet. Twitter has evolved and grown considerably over time to become the third largest social networking platform just below Facebook and Google + in terms of numbers.

Twitter has undergone lots of changes for better during these years in its user interface, geographic trending topics, the way replies and retweets were made and most importantly its powerful search feature but still avid users like me feel a lacuna and would always ask for more subtle improvements. This is where all the Third party applications that depend on Twitter’s API comes to the rescue. One Such Application that we are going to explore today is Follorep, which helps you to take control of the crux of a Twitter account, your Fans.


Visiting some of the biggest cities in the world is a once in a lifetime experience. To make the most out of your trip you’re required to make some kind of plan as to how you will spend your time — it’s only expected. But, searching through random websites and guide books isn’t the most fun experience I could think of. I would much rather have an app on my phone which I could use quickly and effectively.

The Fodor’s collection of apps on the Windows Marketplace give users a detailed travel adviser for seven of the biggest cities on the Earth. These apps are an extension of the highly popular web page entitled Fodor’s Travel. This website offers one of the best ways to plan your trip and so do the apps. Read on to find out more.


For sometime now, I’ve wanted to try out the ebay app. Even though I buy 70% of my stuff in ebay, I had never downloaded the mobile version — I almost always use the web version. I guess it’s finally time and here I am with a fancy Windows phone and an app just for online shopping.


Spotify is an application which has seen massive success across the globe with both its desktop and mobile versions. Spotify, for those who haven’t heard of it, is a database of millions of songs which can be listened to free of charge. The service is also available in subscription services giving users access to much more. However, another service which has stared to see massive growth, especially in America, is Rdio.

Similar to Spotify, Rdio has a desktop and mobile form factor. However, today I’ll be mainly focusing on the mobile version of the application. This, in my opinion, is far better than Spotify’s alternative and is well worth a thorough review.

Read on to find out more!


Since buying my first DSLR at Christmas I’ve been aiming to improve my general photography. And yes, I do read and view other work, but real knowledge comes from testing your skills. I would love to carry my camera everywhere and experiment, however, that isn’t really a possibility because of its size. Something which I do carry around with me everyday is my phone, which has a camera too.

Once I realized I could use my phone to improve my general photography I needed to look for an app to help me do this — that’s when I found Clever Photo. A fantastic application which allows you to quickly edit photos and submit them to a variety of sources.

Read on to find out how good Clever Photo is!


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