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Most people spend the majority of their time on their computer on the internet – you’re either checking your email, reading blog posts, shopping for products, watching videos, editing documents, or a million other things.

Naturally, it’s quite important what web browser you’re going to use – it’s the window through which you can view anything on the internet. You want your web browser to be fast, simple to use, have all the features you want, and work as it’s supposed to. Google’s browser Chrome does all this and more.


Anyone who has ever used Twitter for Mac and thoroughly enjoyed the experience will feel like they’re missing out when using one of the many clients available for Windows. Step in: DestroyTwitter.

DestroyTwitter has actually been around for quite some time, and is cross platform. It’s an Adobe Air application but has an extremely light memory footprint and, in my opinion, is the best Twitter client available for Windows today. I will walk you through with what are some of its most noteworthy features and also some of its hidden gems in today’s review.


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