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As you guys have probably realized I’m a massive fan of the MMORPG genre and everything in it. My most recent time sink has been Guild Wars 2, the long awaited sequel to Guild Wars – and a time sink isn’t an overstatement. Since its release at the end of August I’ve put about 300 hours of play time into Tyria, the game’s virtual world. You may call me an addict, and that’s probably true but, as you’ll find out this is more of a love than an addiction.

A few months ago we covered the Guild Wars 2 Beta, this was a hefty review which summarised all the basics of the game. In this article, I will take a look at my favourite parts of the game and show what’s so appealing about it. If you’re interested in Guild Wars from this article I would recommend looking at the Beta review too. Though it may be a bit out of date, most of the principles are the same.

Find out more about my experiences with the worlds biggest new MMORPG!


Sleeping Dogs, the latest open world action game from Square Enix, has generated a lot of interest. Classified as the righteous successor to the legendary, but now forgotten, True Crime series from Activision, Sleeping Dogs has everything that an open world game should have, plot, characters, unique game mechanics, breathtaking visuals, you name it.

So, the Granddaddy of GTA? Whoa! Big words right there, don’t you think? Well, the good part is that it’s all true and the game does everything better than GTA and a lot more! So, are you ready to get lost in this amazingly huge & detailed world and step into the shoes of Wei Shen, the game’s stylish, skilled & potent protagonist? Well then, read on!


Remember that old browser game that all your friends used to play? Remember that time you tried to attack a level 50 Jogre and got killed? Remember that time you accidentally closed your browser window and panicked for the next day over whether or not your account was being hacked by strange internet forces of darkness?

Ok, maybe it wasn’t as bleak as that. For me, Runescape was always ‘that game’ that people played if they couldn’t afford a World of Warcraft subscription or a good enough computer to play it on. It was ‘that game’ where you would spend hours on a quest instead of a few repetitive minutes of boar-slaughtering. Now, after over ten years since its official release, I think Runescape is ready for a review.


Alert, gamer lot: if you are experiencing a sudden adrenaline rush after reading the title, don’t fret as this is what Counter-Strike is capable of doing! Let’s rewind back to 1999, the fateful day when Counter-Strike, the modification to Half-Life, was released.

Probably the most successful game modification till date, Counter-Strike development was subsequently supported by the (legendary!) Valve and resulted in a series of titles. However, none of the succeeding titles was able to achieve the same level of acceptance and following. Is this about to change?


Robots, TF2, an amazing storyline from Valve and more, bigger robots! What happens when you mix all of them together? Yes, you get the Mann Vs Machine update, the update that has spellbound two different generations of TF2 players (Old School & F2P newbs!) in a matter of 2 days.

Timed perfectly to resuscitate the dwindling interest in TF2, this masterstroke from Valve has already grabbed eyeballs, playtime and lots of $$$. Let’s find out whether you should join this war!


For those of us who remember the 90’s with a certain level of fondness, you may have been a fan of some of the brilliant Sci-Fi strategy games of the era. Amongst such brilliant titles such as Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri and Starcraft stood one of the mightiest examples of the turn-based-strategy genre ever created: Master of Orion II.

Featuring great visuals and sound, an intuitive interface, and almost limitless depth, MOO2 (as it was lovingly referred to as by fans) became an instant classic. Unfortunately, a disappointing sequel amongst other things swept the series away on the winds of time, never to see a sequel again. However, the legacy of Master of Orion has by no means been lost! A new title flying under the moniker of Endless Space seeks to bring back a bit of the strategy that made MOO2 so engaging. Does it succeeed? Read on.


Personally, MMO’s are my favourite game genre. They excite me, keep me entertained for much longer than FPSs and allow me to share great experiences with friends. It’s really the community element of an MMO which makes it so great for me. Whether you have the best game in the world or not, without strong players, guilds and groups your game will ultimately fail.

A few months ago I came across World Of Tanks. Considering my past MMO review’s have been fantasy based games such as Aion, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars, World Of Tanks struck me as something different. As an entirely PVP based system I didn’t think this game would appeal to me that much. Don’t get me wrong though, I love PVP, but a bit of solo mission can be a nice release. Let’s find out whether my assumption was right or not.


To many, myself included, there has always come a certain novelty and boyish joy out of the not-so-simple wargame; an occupation which pitted a lot of my childhood in eager sessions of assembling and painting tiny plastic armies, only to be butchered on a minute synthetic battlefield at the mercy of a set of dice.

Of course, the world of digital gaming has been no stranger to the art of strategy, although most translations from the classic wargame have been in the form of more action-oriented RTS’s such as Starcraft and the Age of Empires series’, with a seldom few titles coming close to really putting ‘armchair general’-style control in the hands of players. Fortunately the tide may finally have turned with Eugen Systems’ new title; the aptly named Wargame: European Escalation. Does it deliver a decisive victory, or is a general retreat in order? Read on to find out.


Into its second year of retail , Heroes of Newerth has brought thousands of people joy for the past two years. Though S2 Games may have had their ups and downs, we can safely say that Heroes of Newerth has found success in this niche genre known as the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (or MOBA) genre.

One of three of the major names in the MOBA genre, Heroes of Newerth has advanced MOBA games by being one of the first games with these features. Read on if you’re curious to what these features are!


Alright, that pun could have been a lot better, but sadly the same can easily be said for the Windows Phone ports of what were, in their original forms, two excellent games. For those of you not in the know, the excellent fellows at 2K games recently ported two of my all-time favourite titles to Windows Phone, namely the empire-building Civilization: Revolution and swashbuckling Sid Meier’s Pirates!.

Those of us who are eager spectators of the gaming industry may know these two games as the brainchildren of Sid Meier; grandfather of the immensely popular Civilization series (of which I am a self-confessed fan), as well as a variety of other entertaining gems, including the one-shot wonder, Pirates! and the brilliant Alpha Centauri. Since both titles were released simultaneously, by the same developer and sadly suffering from the same underlying problems, I have decided to review both of them in one convenient package. So, for such a promising background, where did it all go wrong for the pair?


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