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I’ve always wanted to write about a game for AppStorm. Even though the marketplace has an awful lot of games in its repository, Blocked In gained my attention the moment I saw it – mainly because of its ratings. It was love at first sight and I badly wanted to write about it.

Blocked In is basically a puzzle game and is one of the most downloaded game in the Windows Marketplace. True to the developers’ word, I found it a very addictive game. Should you give it a chance too? Read on to find out more!


If there is a game character that has populated the fantasies of gamers around the world for time eternal, it is the legendary tomb raider, Lara Croft. Be it the ‘proportionally’ designed Lara, the challenging elements of game play, the seemingly impossible acrobatics or the enthralling action sequences, the Tomb Raider series has had everything for everyone.

So, when a reboot of the franchise was announced, it definitely rang a bell somewhere in the center of my heart. More than that, the game was to revolve around the origin of my virtual ladylove, Miss Croft, and that mattered more than anything. Now, after a few hours of ending the game, I am overwhelmed with a lot of feelings, with peace and satisfaction being the primary ones.


Yes, a decade. Maxis has taken a decade to give us another of those little, cute city builders that are, in two words, supremely addictive. Some of you might say, what about the SimCity Societies that came in 2007? Well, it never had the same appeal as SimCity 4 and, I am sure you will agree, was significantly different from all other SimCity games in the chronology.

Back in 2003, when SimCity 4 came out, it was a rage among gamers. It had improved upon an already successful franchise and gave gamers what they sorely needed, depth! However, post that, Maxis went underground and the whole franchise started gathering dust. Now, after 10 years, holding the SimCity Beta in my shaky hands actually feels good. It belongs to a legacy, but the question remains; will it hold true to its lineage?


In 2010, when Capcom unveiled a new version of Devil May Cry and announced that Ninja Theory was designing it, there was a lot of xenophobia amongst gamers. The reason behind this xenophobia was that a western developer, for the first time, was taking the DmC series into its hands.

While the game was being backed by Capcom, the first look and a redesigned Dante did not get the response Capcom was expecting. I personally felt that Dante’s cool, punk rock look had been taken away and something bland had been inserted in its wake. Fortunately, I was wrong.


When Microsoft announced Windows 8 they were facing a severe app crunch. They wanted a series of solid apps and games to showcase what their new ecosystem can do.

Team GSkinner came to their rescue this time with a solid port to the Windows Store. Did they manage to retain its charm this time around? Join me after the jump to find out.


Digital distribution of games has proven itself. There’s Impulse and GamersGate.

Of course Steam, by Valve, is the 800-lb gorilla in this space, but those with a taste outside the mainstream should take a look at Desura.


Today, the hacking and slashing, blood-drenched world of the medieval era has been rather neglected in the realm of video games. The only real nods to the old era of swords, castles and measly peasants have been in the form of heavily-adjusted fantastical interpretations as opposed to true-to-the-core historical setting. Not to say that this is not entirely unjustified – whilst modern shooters have the advantage of being ‘true-to-life’ in the sense that the fundamental principle behind the firearm is point-and-shoot, trying to convey the true skill and physical aptitude behind deft swordplay is a very tricky matter indeed.

Despite this obstacle, two developers have leapt forward to have a swing at this challenge: Fatshark Studios have lunged forward with the big and ambitious Wars of the Roses, whilst Torn Banner Studios have brandished a fully stand-alone adaptation of their original Half-Life 2 mod with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. So, does this duo carve out a bold new stake in the FPS-dominated market, or will they be forever condemned to the dungeons of insignificance? Read on to find out.


The FPS genre has always been very popular among gamers. However, when you combine a first-person shooter with an open-world, RPG-like experience, the result is something that is truly unique. The most recent installment to the Far Cry series, Far Cry 3, utilizes this concept to its full potential. Being an FPS fan myself, I couldn’t resist picking up a copy of the game after noticing the abundance of popularity it began to receive over the past few weeks.

After Far Cry 2, it seemed as though this series would slowly fizzle out of popularity. Can Far Cry 3 bring it back to life? Let’s take a look and find out.


Perhaps the best part about Windows 8 is that it shares the same core with Windows Phone. This instantly translates into many apps that were made for mobiles coming onto the desktop platform a lot more easily.

Big Duck Games scored a big hit with their game Flow Free for both Android and iOS. And it’s not available on the Windows 8 Store as well as the Windows Phone Store (compatible with 7.5 or higher), ready to be downloaded for free.


To the uninitiated, the title might seem pretty bland for a game with so much hype around it. But those who know who the ‘baldy’ being referred to here is, well, they are probably flying in anticipation right now. Because this is no ordinary bald guy we are talking about here, he is Agent 47, the original assassin. And when he is without a gun, you definitely know he is up to killing baddies in the most interesting, grotesque, bone-chilling manner.

Yes, Agent 47 is back with a vengeance and he has an impossible target to achieve. In its pursuit, Hitman: Absolution revives the best aspects of the series that has been dead for half a decade. Absolution shines, take a look at how! (more…)

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