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In today’s world of internet and downloadable content we all have some need for file conversion, be it music or video or even documents. We also all love free when we can possibly get it. There are a number of free video converters available and even some web apps that can handle the task, though for file sizes equal to TV shows and movies those services become useless.

FreeMake has what I consider perhaps one of the best and most comprehensive solutions on the market, plus it has that wonderful price tag of zero.


If you’ve got a smartphone or a tablet you may well have considered using it to watch videos. Whether you have ripped videos of your own or acquired them through other channels, the chances are that they are at a resolution that is not optimized for your particular device.

Add to this the fact that videos can be supplied on one of an almost endless number of formats, the scope for something to go wrong or just not look quite right is increased. The aptly named Miro Video Converter can take care of all of this for you.


Many people use their computers to watch videos – I have an older laptop permanently hooked up to my TV so I can watch videos stored on my network drive on a larger screen as well as watching content from YouTube and other streaming sites and services – and almost everyone that does so will have encountered the dreaded problem of codecs.

Playing back videos is not just a simple matter of having a media player installed. Just like image files, videos can be saved in a variety of formats having been encoded with a codec – and you need to ensure you have the right one installed in order to be able to watch a particular video file.