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Laptops provide convenience. Not being tied to one spot to use your computer gives you the freedom to work or play on your schedule. No longer does a vacation leave you disconnected from the world. You can take your computer with you to a coffee shop for a change of scenery while still bringing your files and programs with you.

But just as you can easily take your computer with you, someone else can take your computer with them. A thief can pick up your laptop in a moment and be gone before you notice during a moment’s inattention. Your laptop can be left in a cab, on an airplane, or at a hotel. Most often the thief just wants the hardware to sell, but they also gain access to everything on your laptop. Encryption can protect your data, but can be difficult to use. TrueCrypt can provide a simple and reliable way to protect your data.

Editor’s note: We covered TrueCrype in an earlier article almost 9 months ago here. This article aims to provide an updated perspective.


When you insert a CD or DVD, or even plug in a USB drive, you’ll probably find that Windows’ AutoPlay kicks in and asks what you would like to do with the drive.

If you would like more flexibility so you can choose when you access the drive, you may find TweakNow DriveShortcut is the sort of tool that could help you.


There are a number of ways to improve the performance of your computer, and one of these is to stay in control of the programs and processes that are running at any given time. Windows includes the Task Manager which includes fairly basic options for closing applications, monitoring system performance and keeping an eye on services.

If you are a power user, you will no doubt have found that Task Manager is a little on the basic side and if you are looking for greater control over your computer, Task Manager DeLuxe is a free alternative that not only provides you with more information and remains easier to use.


Dropbox is one of my favorite cloud apps because of its incredible features and web interface.

But what if you want to take your Dropbox files with you on a flash drive? Or you’re using a computer where you don’t have administrator priviledges? That’s where DropboxPortableAHK comes in. Is it worth your time? Let’s find out!


If you share a computer with someone else, or you are in an environment in which someone else could access your computer, you’ll be aware of the need to protect your privacy. In the case of shared computers, it is easy enough to set up individual user account for everyone, each of which can be password protected and will effectively keep everyone’s files separate.

Having a folder on your desktop called ‘My super-secret files’ in which you store all of your private documents, financial information, journal entries and personal photographs is almost asking someone with prying eyes to take a peek inside. Wise Folder Hider is a free privacy tool that can be used to conceal private files and folders very quickly and easily.


The internet is an amazing tool for entertainment, research and so much more, but it is also something of a security problem. Whenever you are online, you leave behind traces of your activity – footprints that can be pieced together to determine a great deal of information about your such as where you are and who you are.

There are endless reasons why you might not want to be identified or traceable online – it is not something that is only going to be of interest to people investigating the darker side of the internet. While all web browsers include options that can be used to hide your web tracks after an online session, most do little if anything to prevent the web sites you visit from gathering information about you and your browsing habits that could be used to identify you – this is where Tor Project is different.


One of the great things about the Windows platform is the vast range of free software available for the OS, enabling you to do just about anything with a PC at no cost.

Here are some tips on how to achieve some common computing tasks using the simplest apps available.


The most time consuming part of installing Windows isn’t the operating system or even getting your settings back. It’s installing all your applications on your computer.

Traditionally for each program you’re stuck in a long sequence of download installer, run, click next several times, and repeat. There is a faster and easier way to install many of the most common and best free Windows applications using Ninite. Let’s take a look!


Researching needs hardwork and patience. And most importantly, the ability to read a lot of related subject matter to make better observations and inferences. Even when your research is 100% original, you will need a bunch of documents to quote and to support your hypothesis. Since most of the academic and research materials are now digitized into PDF files, your efforts are actually cut in half.

PDFs make sifting through tens of thousands of pages of documents easier and they are easy to carry around too. But, grouping together a bunch of PDF files into a library that can be searched and annotated is no easy task. That’s where ReadCube comes to the rescue. The goal of this app is simple – to let you create an article library instantly. Come, let’s take a peek!


Social networks aren’t new. They have been around for years and is not the most novel idea in the tech arena anymore. But that doesn’t mean that social networks have lost their charm. People are still joining old and new social networks in droves. There might be millions of new registrations, but how many folks from the registered user base are actually active?

That’s one metric no social network team would dare to share. If you are into this social concept, there is a very good chance that you have accounts in a bunch of places. That’s a lot of URLs and login credentials to remember. Then there is a lot of personal data uploaded to third party servers which are locked in most cases. SocialFolders steps right in and solves both the problems simultaneously.


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