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Many of us have more than one computer and despite how easy it is to multi-task in Windows, there are times when it is easier to use two computers at the same time – particularly if you have a desktop and a laptop.

But this means having to battle with a lot of peripherals – two keyboards and two mice for starters. Synergy is a great free tool that enables you to reduce desk clutter by using a single mouse and keyboard to control two computers.


When Google released Chrome the web browser quickly became a popular choice, first among tech people, and then spreading to average users. Much of it’s appeal is it’s ability to be customized and it’s minimalistic appearance. Tweaking the web browser to your personal liking and tastes can make your user experience even better.

There are a number of ways to go about this, but the first, and easiest, place to start is in the basic Chrome settings. From there you can move on to more customized areas and even to user scripts, which can get a bit more complicated, but should not scare off an experienced computer user.


I’m a big fan of working with two or more monitors, and it’s something I’ll continue to recommend to everyone who spends any length of time working with their computer. The next best thing is to work with a virtual desktop program to gain access to extra workspace, but Dexpot is an app that combines the best of both worlds.

Even if you already have multiple monitors in use, surely you could still make use of a little extra space or some better organization? As well as being tremendously useful, Dexpot also gains points for being incredibly good looking – this is more than just your average virtual desktop tool.


What’s your typing speed like? Like most people, you probably like the idea of being able to type a little faster – I include myself in this number, as I write for a living, so the ability to get words down more quickly is something to be welcomed.

If you spend a great deal of time typing, it’s pretty easy to build up your words per minute to a more than acceptable levels, But even if you only have to type letters and other documents fairly infrequently there’s still a lot you can do to speed things up – using AutoText for example.


We’re big fans of virtual desktop tools here at Windows.AppStorm; any utility that can be used to gain extra desktop space without having to buy a new monitor is to be welcomed. Previously I’ve looked at nSpaces and WindowsPager but DeskSpace is something quite special.

DeskSpace takes the idea of virtual desktop not only to the next level, but to the next dimension. Rather than presenting you with a flat, two-dimensional representation of your workspace, you can instead flip between your desktop in three dimensions.


There are two types of Windows user – those who like to keep their hard drives organized, and those who don’t. If you fall into the second category, you’re probably used to hunting high and low on your desktop for that files you know you stuck there sometime last week, or scouring folders to find a photos from a trip last year.

If your desktop looks like an explosion in an icon factory, Belvedere could be the organization and clean up tool you have been looking for. This simple yet powerful tool can be used to automatically organize your files using a set of rules.


For most people, email is what they use to log into their Facebook machine. The idea of bothering with a client doesn’t even cross their minds. But for those of us who rely on email for work and personal projects, online inboxes can be the bane of our existence.

Sure, Gmail has certainly come a long way but when you’ve got three different addresses for twenty different purposes wrangling in over a hundred emails a day it can feel like painting the Golden Gate with nail polish.

Until recently I used Thunderbird to control this beast. Unfortunately, the old avian crashes at least once a day now and her feathers have lost their colour. Postbox promised a refreshing email experience that is ‘socially connected’, quick and easy. Let’s see.


How many times have you have you tried to install a program, or perform some other task, only to be told that you need to close all of the programs you have running? In all likelihood, this is something that has happened to you more than once, and it can be deeply annoying.

SmartClose is a great tool to have on hand to when situations like this arise. Not only can it quickly shut down all of your running applications and processes, but also temporarily disable your screensaver to prevent it from interrupting whatever you are doing.


To make it easier and faster to pick up from where you left off with your work, it is possible to place your computer into sleep or hibernation mode. This not only gives you faster start times for Windows, but also ensure that the programs you were using are available just as you left them.

But when you need to restart your computer, you have to manually reopen all of the files you were using; this is, until you install Cache My Work web site .


While it is not exactly difficult to create folders in Windows to help keep your files and shortcuts organized, it is a process that can take just a little too long.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create folders on the fly, without the need to fiddle about with context menus, Smart Folders could be just what you need.


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