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Picking out parts for a new PC seems to scare the bejeezus out of people who want to build their own computers. I don’t blame ’em though — once you start looking, you’ll need to find out and parse a myriad of abbreviations for truly mysterious technologies, check compatibility charts and then pore through reviews to make sure that everything checks out. This is compounded by the fact that the hardware landscape is in a state of constant flux. Tiresome work!

So, to help you, dear reader, in this quest for PC greatness, we’ve come up with our very own PC builder’s guide. In this quad annual affair, we’re going to do the hardwork for you and come up with the components you’d need to build a kickass PC. Let’s get started after the jump!


Let’s face it — optical media is slowly dying. Chalk it up to robust internet connections or the innate unreliableness of the medium itself but the fact remains that an increasing number of users are slowly shying away from putting optical readers in their computers.

While you can just download most of the software you need, installing your operating system itself requires the use of a DVD drive. I, for one, find it tedious to install an optical drive for the sole purpose of installation. Surely, there must be a better way!

Today, I’d like to walk you through the process of creating a USB drive through which you can install the latest version of Windows. All this in under 5 minutes.


As a power Windows user, I’m constantly on the look out for applications that can boost my productivity. If you monitor your daily workflow, you’ll quickly notice that there are certain features that help you immensely in this aspect — the ability to quickly launch applications is one of them.

Today, I’d like to present a nifty little app that goes a long way towards making your entire Windows experience smooth and intuitive. It’s called Launchy, and I think you’re going to love it!


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