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Our sponsor this week is @MAX SyncUp, a great tool that helps you back up your data. It allows you to create backups or synchronize your files to lots of places, including your Google Drive cloud storage.

Losing data is a heart rending affair but being on top of your data isn’t a cake walk either. Just figuring out which parts of your data need to be updated is tedious.

This is where @MAX SyncUp comes in. You can create incremental backups that allow saving and recovering file versions. Backups may be saved as locally as well as in the Internet on the FTP-servers or to Google Drive as well.

You can also execute bi-directional synchronization of a PC with a laptop or android-smartphone. It may be started manually, scheduled or in according with specified events as change of files or when connecting an external drive — a nifty feature to have.

Speaking of nifty features, you can set up non-standard synchronization with Google Drive, e.g., for several folders or several accounts, update a web site using FTP or compare and synchronize two folders in a few clicks. The app has numerous options for nice setting and it’s small-sized and has fairly low system requirements.

Go Get It!

If @MAX SyncUp sounds like just what you’re looking for, then there’s no need to wait. You can download a free trial directly from Max software and check it out. And if you’re ready to buy a copy, you can purchase it directly at a massive 50% discount, a special offers for our dead readers, by clicking here.

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