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Finally, after years of waiting Guild Wars fans worldwide start to see a glimpse of evolution. Guild Wars supporters now have the opportunity to experience the long anticipated Guild Wars 2 when the first Beta Weekend Event kicked off on April 27-29. Don’t worry this is only the first of many if you missed out on the first chance.

With the amount of build up from ArenaNet over the last few years, fan expectations has been truly massive. Read on to find out if Guild Wars 2 is up to our expectations!


The 21st century, the period of time that will forever be known as the technology era, no doubt. But with so much potential, each and every individual company has had its chance to shine and create a product that will shell-shock the World and bring a new period of technical entertainment to everyone.

But no-one is stepping up to the plate; is it time we had a competitor?


DVD drives have been a staple of every computer or console over the past ten years. The ubiquitous storage medium has won over the world with its simplicity.

But is it the beginning of the end of the DVD era? Or for optical storage, for that matter?


Internet Explorer is synonymous with a slow browsing experience, painfully slow startups and incorrectly rendered web pages. Because of this reputation, Internet Explorer’s latest iteration has not been tried by most people.

But, if they were to give it a chance, is there any possibility that it could replace a Firefox or Chrome installation?


Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8, has caused a lot of dissent since the release of the Consumer Preview. After all, the ambitious new UI, loosely called Metro, isn’t exactly standard fare from Redmond. Still, Metro has been seen before in the Zune, Xbox, and Windows Phone 7, so it’s to be expected that Windows would eventually don Metro’s look and feel as well.

But Metro is far more than just a fancy new look, it’s an entire paradigm shift in the way Windows itself functions. Unfortunately, it has some rough edges. Below are eight of the most crucial applications that the Metro half of the computer needs to succeed at real work.


Microsoft is now facing an uphill battle to redefine itself in a market consumed by mobile devices and tablets.  The Redmond giant has come under fire from a new consumer business focused on apps, unified platforms, and computers in ever-smaller sizes.  As the consumer side of the equation changes, Microsoft is also seeing its enterprise business chipped away by competitors, namely Apple.

Unfortunately, this is not the market Microsoft dominated when it released its previous operating systems, with Apple’s new iPad selling over 3 million units within 3 days of its March 16 launch.  We’re now a few weeks out from the release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview; Microsoft’s chance to show users that it can adapt and refine Windows into a brand-new platform to rival Apple’s iOS juggernaut.

So, where is Microsoft going to feel the fight to prove it can compete?


Nokia and Microsoft. The Finnish company is bonding up with Redmond in an attempt to bolster the relative smartphone newcomer (Windows Phone 7) with the power of a dying smartphone brand. Sure, that sounds bleak, but I actually think that Microsoft and Nokia happen to be on to something.

What could it be? Ha! Like I’d spoil that in the preview.


I’m a huge fan of the Metro interface that Microsoft has used with the Xbox Dashboard and Windows Phone 7. It’s stylish, modern, and functional when it’s used for these two purposes, and now Microsoft is bringing the Metro interface over to the PC with Windows 8.

I’ve got some mixed feelings about this, and I’d like to share them with you today.


I have been called an Apple fanboy. It might have something to do with the fact that I own an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air; it might have something to do with my love for Golden Delicious and applesauce; there’s no real way of knowing. Still, despite this apparent bias, I find myself in possession of a Windows Phone 7 device, allowing me to stay current with the rest of the mobile scene and giving me a chance to try out this far-too-neglected operating system.

What do I think coming into this? As an iPhone user, how am I seeing my future with this device playing out? Are you even still reading this, or are you preparing to raid my home and declare me a ‘fanboi’? Read on to find out.


It’s been over a decade since it first came out, but in my opinion Windows XP is one of the greatest versions of its series to ever be released. A combination of stability and simplicity led to it being adopted quickly wordwide, and it remains amongst the most-used operating systems today, despite the distribution of it’s successors Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Though it becomes officially obselete and unsupported in 2014, I would like to explain why Windows XP remains best for me.


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