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For the past few weeks now, the writers here at Appstorm have been giving you insights into the setups and applications that they use to do their writing. It’s been interesting to see how my fellow writers get the job done…and now, it’d finally my turn.

My name is Brian Wangila and I live in beautiful Nairobi, Kenya. By day, I’m the Lead Developer at Skyline Design – a local web development agency trying to make the web beautiful, one website at a time. By night, I’m a student pursuing my Computer Science degree online at the University of South Africa while writing articles for Appstorm and reviewing new funky gadgets. (more…)

So, first off, a little about me: I live in the UK, I’m from Guildford in Surrey, and currently live near Liverpool with my wife and one and a half year old son, both of whom are amazing. I work in Chester as a Web Developer, which is great fun, challenging and rewarding. For those of you who are interested my language of choice is C# and I do a lot of SQL and ASP.NET.

My commute is an hour and a half each way and I get most of my writing done on the train, so as to not miss out on time with the family. I have recently bought a Samsung Series 9 laptop which is an awesome bit of kit and allows me to work on the train without having to carry a heavy laptop around. Due to using a laptop a lot of the time, and being a developer at work, I love keyboard shortcuts over mouse use as I find it faster, especially when I’m on the laptop.


In recent weeks, more and more details have been emerging in relation to Microsoft’s first major Windows 8 update known as Windows Blue. Though, with the recent influx of rumors, many are beginning to wonder what Microsoft might include inside of the next edition of the Windows family, Windows 9. The release of Windows 9 will be a critical milestone for Microsoft as they try to improve upon the negative public perception they received following the release of Windows 8.

While no operating system will ever be perfect, Windows 9 has the potential to be a very solid, competitive OS. However, there are a few specific changes that I believe should be implemented into Windows 9 if Microsoft is to win back the customers that they lost last October.


Building personal computers has been a hit trend for many years now, but what is actually making this crazed bunch get all geared up and stuck in themselves?

Control-C to copy. Control-V to paste. Control-X to cut. Proficient PC users know about these and other keyboard shortcuts for Windows. Ever wonder about the history behind them?


Ladies and gentlement, am back with the final post of my three-part series. In case you missed the previous ones, here are the links, go have a look:

  • Part 1 – My thoughts on WIndows 8 Phones, the performance and stability of the operating system and the the current state of apps.
  • Part 2 – Windows Phone 8 features that I really love and what sets it apart from the competition

In this last instalment, I’ll talk about some of the features on Android that I wish Windows Phone 8 had and what I think can be done to make to make Windows Phone 8 even better.


Welcome to the second post of my three-part series. In case you missed it, here’s Part 1, where I spoke about my thoughts on WIndows 8 Phones, the performance and stability of the operating system and the the current state of apps.

In this second part, I’ll tell you about the features of WIndows Phone 8 that I have come to enjoy. Here are the ones that made my list…


For the past few years, I’ve been an avid Android user – from the basic Huawei Ideos on Froyo to the powerhouse that was the Motorola Atrix running Jellybean, with a Kindle Fire tablet somewhere in between. I loved the Android experience, and the many improvements that have been made with every iteration of the Android OS.

However, when the time came to get a new phone, I decided to try out something new…Windows Phone 8 piqued my interest and I finally settled for a Nokia Lumia 920.

If you have been using an Android phone for a while and you are thinking of getting a new phone, hopefully, this article will help sway your decision the Windows Phone way.


Apple released the highly anticipated update for iTunes December last year, and the redesign has caused much controversy around the Globe. But what do we think at AppStorm?


Earlier this month, gamers growled on message boards on the supposed death of DirectX. Microsoft soon released a clarification, saying that DirectX is not dead, though Microsoft’s wording left some people miffed.

This is as good a time as any to describe what DirectX is, why it came to be, and why you should care.


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