Xpadder is the perfect example of a useful app that doesn’t get the praise it deserves. There’s no fancy graphics and the user interface isn’t beautiful, but the utility is powerful and serves a basic purpose. Essentially, Xpadder allows you to map controller buttons to a variety of basic keyboard and mouse gestures, letting you to use a large number of controllers that would otherwise be useless in Windows.

The app has many potential uses, but one of the most common is configuring console controllers to work with games that don’t have native game pad support. While Xpadder will not provide drivers for whichever controller suits your fancy, as long as your controller is recognized by Windows, the app will let you map the controller’s buttons to your liking. There is an almost infinite number of possible combinations of controllers and games that could be configured using Xpadder, but today we’re going focus on how to use the Xbox 360 controller in Minecraft.