If there’s one thing we can certainly rely on with the upcoming release of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, it’s the spate of fresh-looking apps we’ll be seeing on the marketplace. You may remember the popular MetroTwit app from last year that has slowly been churning out updates to it’s fresh new look. Now that we’re closing in on the release of Windows 8, it’s time to shape up and get stuck in to the Windows Store, and soak up the delights of all the new apps that will be piling in.
The MetroTwit team is hard at work on their Windows 8 version of it’s snazzy Twitter app, but there’s always room for different approaches to the Twitter environment in the land of Windows 8’s new interface. That’s where the Lazy Worm Apps team comes in.


It’s not at all a secret that if you live your digital life within the clouds of technology and the internet that you spend a significant amount of time transfixed to your computer screen.

Though with lesser fears of the age old ‘square-eyes’ myth, a common symptom of late-night hours-long continuous gazing at your computer monitor is eye-strain. It happens to everyone, but what if not using your computer as much for extended periods of time at night is not an option?

Well, this is where F.lux comes in.


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