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I’m a huge fan of simulators, and the majority of my articles on Windows.Appstorm are about them. I’ve recently discovered one that is the perfect blend of accurate physics simulation, coupled with the objective of being fun and none-too-serious. This game is called Kerbal Space Program and has gotten me hooked, now I’d like to share .

So what do you do? Well as of the latest Alpha version 0.15, you can build rockets and spaceplanes which you launch and fly yourself into orbit around a fictional earth-like planet called Kerbin with two moons, the Mun and Minmus. The pilots of your creations are the Kerbals, their dream is to go where no Kerbal has gone before.


We’re fast approaching that season of the year: time for household cleaning. Whilst you are cleaning up your TV and stereo, why not throw your computers into the mix? Every once a year or so, it is advisable to physically clean your computer.

Read on for why it’s important, and how to go about cleaning your PC in an efficient, and safe, manner.


As power users, we love control. More specifically, we love knowing what happens where, when and how. While utilities to monitor your CPU usage and other metrics are fairly easily available, your network is often ignored since it’s a lot more, well, nerdy.

Today, I am going to give you a mini-review of Wireshark, an excellent network utility, and a little guide through running the app on your computer.


It’s been over a decade since it first came out, but in my opinion Windows XP is one of the greatest versions of its series to ever be released. A combination of stability and simplicity led to it being adopted quickly wordwide, and it remains amongst the most-used operating systems today, despite the distribution of it’s successors Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Though it becomes officially obselete and unsupported in 2014, I would like to explain why Windows XP remains best for me.


Today, I would like to go off the beaten path a little and share a little-known first person shooter with you that I have been enjoying for years. Sauerbraten is an arena-based first-person-shooter with many aspects that resemble the all-time classic Quake 3.

Being highly addictive and always impressive to play, Sauerbaten is an ideal combination of fun weapons and fast gameplay. Read on for my full review.

As I promised in my Flight Simulator article, today I am reviewing the Orbiter Space Simulator. A single-man project created by Dr. Martin Schweiger, Orbiter has existed for around five years.

Despite being a single-man project, Orbiter is beautifully made with the greatest care and attention to detail put into making it realistic, and enjoyable.

Almost everyone reading the articles on this site will have spare computers languishing about. The rapid growth and improvements in hardware means that we cycle through a whole machine in only a few years.

If you have spare machines and parts languishing about, you can put them to good use! In this article I have outlined some of the purposes your old hardware can serve.


One of the greatest functions of any computer is the ability to recreate situations, scenarios, and perform simulations. Since they became aimed at the consumer, aircraft simulator sales have been tremendous.

Today I would like to share some of my personal favourites with you. Whether you are an avid hobbiest or just intrigued, this selection should be of some interest you.