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There have long been complaints that Xbox Music has been exclusive to only Microsoft platforms and today the company has answered some users’ prayers. Microsoft made available Xbox Music apps for iOS and Android today, as well as making their web player free for all.


If you’ve been following the Xbox One closely, you’ll notice that there’s been very limited amounts of information about the dashboard interface and how the console actually works available.

It’s true, even the media hasn’t been able to get much hands on time with the console yet, but today what appears to be a beta tester of the console has uploaded a video that shows off a few features of the new dashboard.


On the fifth birthday of Google’s Chrome browser, the company has announced big plans for their flagship web browser. Chrome Apps, a new-generation of applications that build on top of Chrome that work cross platform and offline, just like any other desktop application.


The Surface Pro may only have been on the market for eight months, but it’s already getting a refresh. The device was released at an interesting time — between Intel chip refreshes — which meant the device wasn’t so great on battery life and was a little on the chubby side. The good news is that it’s getting a refresh, which could make it the best PC on the market.

Today, Neowin reports that Microsoft is about to release a refresh to the Surface Pro device, something they believe will be called the “Surface 2.” Information given to Appstorm indicates that it may simply keep the “Surface Pro” moniker and follow a similar trend to Apple devices, simply calling it the “new” Surface Pro.


Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announce plans for a broad strategic partnership to build a new global mobile ecosystem at a press conference in London, UK February 11, 2011. Nokia and Microsoft plan to form a broad strategic partne

In a somewhat sudden move, Microsoft announced today that they are going to acquire Nokia’s devices and services business for 5.44 billion EUR in cash. This move was predicted for a long time, but nobody was really sure when it was going to come. (more…)

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