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PCs have been mocked by Apple ads and designers for years as being simple beige boxes without any beautiful and inspiring apps. Since then, it seems the attention has passed from PCs entirely, focusing instead on mobile devices and their new apps.

Then, the new Mac App Store was unveiled, showcasing the many unique and beautiful apps available on OS X. Is your Windows computer destined to a life of spreadsheets and boring 12pt Times New Roman reports? Turns out, there are many beautifully designed programs for Windows, many of which have been made in the past several years and integrate with Windows 7’s look and feel.

We’ve dug up 25 of the best Windows apps we use and enjoy, making sure that we only selected once that were truly stunning. It’s not all gloom and doom, and after a dearth of new Windows apps, it seems the tide may be turning again. Keep reading to see some of the best Windows programs available today!