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If you have a large collection of digital music, and it’s in a bit of a mess, don’t worry! TuneUp may just be what you are looking for. Using advanced matching algorithms, it will identify your mislabelled tracks and fill in complete details for you, including cover art. It works in conjunction with iTunes and Windows Media Player, and works brilliantly with the iTunes match subscription service. But there’s no need to be tied to either, as you can take your correctly named and covered collection elsewhere.

This article will focus on iTunes integration, so what are you waiting for? Dive in to see if TuneUp matches your needs.


If you are used to using Notepad for general text and script editing, or perhaps have upgraded to some of the other 3rd party text editors, I’d like to introduce you to SciTE. It truly is an excellent all-round text editor, with a quick start-up time (essential), and support for script highlighting and compiling.

Read on for an overview of some of the key benefits of this excellent app.


There are many times you may wish to capture something from the screen for future use or reference. Up until now, you may have used a combination of print screen, a paint program to edit, and then a final copy to your application.

Techsmith has blown open the simple printscreen button to give you many and varied screen capture options but how does it work in practice, and does it really offer enough beyond your current print screen / edit process to warrant its ~£40 price tag? Let’s find out….