Josiah Oakley

Hi! I'm Josiah Oakley and I am absolutely in love with Apple products, applications, and technology in general. For the last 3 years I produced a web show called Mac Tips & Tricks. This web show reviews applications and various tips for Mac. It is widely popular and I am excited to write about Mac apps for AppStorm. I also have a practical approach to any review or article. You can also find some of my work on YouTube @ talkingmac or follow me on Twitter @jooak

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We all love to read our favorite blogs from all over the Internet everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. However remembering which sites you visit can be a hassle. So many people bookmark them in a web browser; nothing is wrong with that, but the best way is to subscribe to RSS feeds with a feed reader.

FeedDemon is an RSS feed reader that can pull in all of your RSS feeds and update them at specific intervals. FeedDemon also has a few great features that we will explore as well. So without further or due, lets review FeedDemon!


There may be many times where you or someone you know could use a little help finding or doing something on the computer. Calling or emailing someone text directions can be a big problem. Also, you may want to show something on your screen to customer service or send something funny to a friend. To do these cool things you will need an application that can handle the task and that is where Jing comes in.

Jing is a simple way to capture and share what is going happening on your computer screen. Jing also has cool share functions that integrate with Interested? Of course you are! Read on to find out what I think of Jing!


Securing our sensitive information on our computers should be a goal all of us should pursue. In this age of fraud and hacking, we can enjoy the piece of mind a secure application can give us when talking about our secure information. 1Password is an elegant solution to the problem of securing your information to keep it safe.

1Password has the ability not only to store passwords, but also social security number, credit card numbers, loyalty card info and more! Also, 1Password is elegant and cross platform ensuring you can access your data anywhere. So come on and read on as we review 1Password!


We as Windows users, watched by the sidelines as Mac people got iTunes to sync their portables devices and wireless syncing of content, while we had no real solution. doubleTwist is here and aims to be that solution.

doubleTwist offers a beautiful and seamless way to wirelessly sync, play your music collection, and even purchase from Amazon MP3, all on Windows. Lets jump right in and check it out!


There are millions of people worldwide who use Android phones, tablets, and other media devices. These folk obsess over their apps and love to use them wherever they are. If you are one of those people, you will love BlueStacks.

Plain and simple, BlueStacks allows you to run Android apps on your PC. So lets dive right in and take a look!


We all love going to the movie theater and watching the best flicks and look forward to them coming out on DVD. However once we get the DVDs, we do not know how to get them on our iPads, Zunes, Android phones, computer, and other media devices. Now with Handbrake, you can!

Handbrake is a free tool that rips and encodes your DVDs for safe keeping! So, come on and read more about Handbrake.


Windows has been steadily used for years and the design has largely remained the same. We are the users of Windows that want customization and to make the UI ours. With applications like Rocketdock, Rainmeter, Window Blinds, Emerge Desktop, and more, we can infinitely customize the user experience until our heart is content! Everything from icons to wallpaper to menu bars to widgets, we have the power to change!

Customizing your interface is easy, painless, and fun! Follow along as I show you what you will need!