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If there is one thing you need to hand to Apple, it’s the fact that they made getting software easy. Because of the iPhone App Store, Blackberry created App World, Google revamped the market, and Apple themselves spun off a Mac version of the store.

It’s pretty much expected now that if you have a platform, you’d need a store, even though just five years ago you had to go hunting for apps. Unfortunately, Windows does not yet have a centralized place to get software. Lucky for you, I know just where to find it.


As I programmer, I am constantly tweaking my development environment, looking for better tools to improve my workflow. On a Mac, I have found that in Coda, which is a stellar app, and well worth the $100 price tag.

While I’m not saying there aren’t a lot of options for Macs, one of the nice things about Windows is how many options there are for Windows. we’ll take a look at a few of my favorites.


I have a confession to make: I never really gave Microsoft Paint a chance. When I first started out as a web developer, I thought I needed the best of the best and got a copy of Photoshop 7. When I did try to go back to it on machines where it was the only option, it seemed trivial and lacking. I did realize I didn’t always need Photoshop though, and gave some other image editors a whirl. In this roundup, let’s take a loot at some alternatives to Paint for both image creation and photo editing/touch-ups.