Harry Kirkby

There's not a lot to know about me. I'm a typical tech geek, residing in Canterbury, UK. I've been studying computing and I.T for the past year and I'm starting Sixth Form soon!

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Building personal computers has been a hit trend for many years now, but what is actually making this crazed bunch get all geared up and stuck in themselves?

Apple released the highly anticipated update for iTunes December last year, and the redesign has caused much controversy around the Globe. But what do we think at AppStorm?


The 21st century, the period of time that will forever be known as the technology era, no doubt. But with so much potential, each and every individual company has had its chance to shine and create a product that will shell-shock the World and bring a new period of technical entertainment to everyone.

But no-one is stepping up to the plate; is it time we had a competitor?


DVD drives have been a staple of every computer or console over the past ten years. The ubiquitous storage medium has won over the world with its simplicity.

But is it the beginning of the end of the DVD era? Or for optical storage, for that matter?


PCs are where gaming began and the gaming PC is the bonafide mother of gaming. Over the years building a gaming PC has given way to buying consoles but if anything, the rise of Steam and the recent slew of PC exclusives have shown that PC gaming is anything but dead.

Today, we’re going to talk about a budget build that will cost less than $750 and lets you play most recent games at high quality and with a respectable FPS.


MSConfig is a great little utility to tweak your machine’s boot up routine. With just a few tweaks, you can increase the loading speed on your home, work, or just any type of PC!

In this article, I’m going to show you how to run MSConfig’s tool, and I will guarantee that the speed of your computers boot will increase (Providing you’ve not used MSConfig before that is).