Billing by the hour can be both a blessing and a curse for freelancers and contractors. Although not so common in publishing professions such as web development and consulting live and breath this method.

Long term contracts in particular where the freelancer is basically an employee prefer hour-by-hour billing. There’s many different programs to keep track of the time. The most basic offer little more than a jazzed up calendar while other go the whole hog with automatic tracking and analytics.

Time Cockpit offers individual users and teams a middle-of-the-road solution with their new combination of desktop app and web portal. Let’s check it out.


The summer is over and for many of us, school or college has begun. I love college and firmly believe that they’re the best days of your life. At times though having a job, attending class and clinging on to some kind of a social life is too much.

I’ve read dozens of ‘manuals’ and ‘how-to guides’ aimed at college students. They all prescribe some kind of system which in itself would require a full-time secretary to operate. This wastes valuable time and energy which could be devoted studying – or partying. Is StudyMinder the answer to this problem? Let’s find out!


Caught somewhere between the melee of traditional radio and online music piracy lies Internet radio. There’s such a broad spectrum of radio stations now operating online from small hobby DJs broadcasting only a few hours a week to commercial operations live 24 hours a day.

Unfortunately, the entertainment industry has lurched towards ‘On Demand’ over the past few years. Paid services such as Netflix and widespread torrenting has left what could have been Generation Z’s version of old school pirate radio lying by the wayside.

However, Internet radio lives on. It is particularly prevalent among niche interests and alternative music scenes which simply aren’t covered by commercial organisations. Thousands of stations broadcast on their own dedicated websites and streaming services – often converting live shows into podcasts for those who forgot to tune in.

Radio Maximus is a new piece of Windows Software that offers a more powerful listening experience as well as tools to find, organise and store Internet radio stations and podcasts. There are dozens of competitors so I was interested to see what Radio Maximus could do differently – and what it could do better.


For most people, email is what they use to log into their Facebook machine. The idea of bothering with a client doesn’t even cross their minds. But for those of us who rely on email for work and personal projects, online inboxes can be the bane of our existence.

Sure, Gmail has certainly come a long way but when you’ve got three different addresses for twenty different purposes wrangling in over a hundred emails a day it can feel like painting the Golden Gate with nail polish.

Until recently I used Thunderbird to control this beast. Unfortunately, the old avian crashes at least once a day now and her feathers have lost their colour. Postbox promised a refreshing email experience that is ‘socially connected’, quick and easy. Let’s see.