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A long time ago Microsoft was a company that was young, attractive and exciting. Of course, those aren’t metrics that we could easily quantify but if you look at the company over the last ten years you’ll see that they became boring and increasingly comfortable with what they had and their position in the market despite everyone else accelerating away from them.


Microsoft makes Xbox Music available for iOS and Android

There have long been complaints that Xbox Music has been exclusive to only Microsoft platforms and today the company has answered some users’ prayers. Microsoft made available Xbox Music apps for iOS and Android today, as well as making their web player free for all.


Xbox One leak gives a peek at the new dashboard

If you’ve been following the Xbox One closely, you’ll notice that there’s been very limited amounts of information about the dashboard interface and how the console actually works available.

It’s true, even the media hasn’t been able to get much hands on time with the console yet, but today what appears to be a beta tester of the console has uploaded a video that shows off a few features of the new dashboard.


A year back, if you’d told me that Microsoft would beat Apple in unifying all your devices I would’ve laughed at your face. Plus, knowing Microsoft of the past, one would’ve expected them to botch it up, even if that were true. When legendary Allard, godfather of Xbox, quit the company, everyone, including me, started screaming that MS’s future is on the brink of destruction.

But this new Microsoft under Ballmer had other plans in mind. It was evident when they launched WP7. It was not just another wrapper on their old broken mobile engine. Rather it was a completely thought through, totally revamped product, focused on improving your experience. It turned out to be one of the best mobile platforms and the user experience is particularly phenomenal.

Still, even for Microsoft, Windows 8 is a greater leap, and far from their comfort zone. Many people are still looking out for the Start button, while others are busy calling names. Amidst all this hoopla, Windows 8 was launched recently and Microsoft has been under incredible pressure. It’s facing a never seen before competition from Apple and Google, threatening to erode it completely. Today we’re going to take a look at the challenges faced by Microsoft.


Traditionally gamers attribute the advent of gaming to PC. Though it’s true to a certain extent, the reins dates back to early ’50s. While the first game was a really simple version of Tic-Tac-Toe- ‘Noughts and Crosses’, gaming has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry.

In these modern times, the gaming consoles have invaded our living rooms and has become an integral part of our life. Today, we’re going to take a look back at the evolution of of consoles over the years.


If you could go back in time a year ago and come visit myself, I’d have met an iPhone-toting Apple fanboy who couldn’t say two sentences without bad mouthing Windows. Thankfully, I’m not like that person anymore thanks to the rationality of Paul Thurrott and the totalitarianism of Apple over their devices and software.

So I became a dedicated Windows user, but I was still stuck with my iOS device. Last week I finally removed those shackles and picked up a Windows Phone running 7.5 “Mango”, and I’m going to review some of my favorite features in this article. I’m not going to compare 7.5 to 7.0 since I don’t go that far back, so this review comes from the point-of-view of a converted iOS user.