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Organize Your Apps Onto Multiple Desktops With Dexpot

I’m a big fan of working with two or more monitors, and it’s something I’ll continue to recommend to everyone who spends any length of time working with their computer. The next best thing is to work with a virtual desktop program to gain access to extra workspace, but Dexpot is an app that combines the best of both worlds.

Even if you already have multiple monitors in use, surely you could still make use of a little extra space or some better organization? As well as being tremendously useful, Dexpot also gains points for being incredibly good looking – this is more than just your average virtual desktop tool.


We’re big fans of virtual desktop tools here at Windows.AppStorm; any utility that can be used to gain extra desktop space without having to buy a new monitor is to be welcomed. Previously I’ve looked at nSpaces and WindowsPager but DeskSpace is something quite special.

DeskSpace takes the idea of virtual desktop not only to the next level, but to the next dimension. Rather than presenting you with a flat, two-dimensional representation of your workspace, you can instead flip between your desktop in three dimensions.


Virtualization used to be the domain of system administrator, hardcore geeks and specialized industries, but nowadays it is a far more common practice. While software that could be used to run virtual copies of an operating system used to costs hundreds, there are now plenty of tools available that let you do the job free of charge.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to create a virtual machine, but for the average user there are three that dominate: a desire to try out another operating system without the need to configure a multi-boot system, a need to run an older version of Windows for the sake of compatibility with older software, or the need to create a sandboxed environment in which to try out software without putting the main operating system at risk


The imminent release of Windows 8 means that many people are now thinking about upgrading their operating system or perhaps even buying a new computer. If you’re someone who has held off from upgrading to Windows 7, there’s an even greater chance that you’re thinking about investing some new hardware.

Whether your current machine is running Windows XP, Vista or 7, it probably includes no end of files and programs that you’d like to keep. By converting your existing PC into a virtual machine, you can run it on your new computer so you still have access to everything you’re used to working with, but without having to worry about compatibility or clogging up you nice new hard drive.


Test Drive Linux With Ease With LinuxLive USB Creator

Despite its prevalence in the marketplace, Windows is far from being the only operating system that can be installed on your PC. Unless you fancy going down the route of creating your own Hackintosh, running OS X may well be out of the question, but there is an alternative available in the form of Linux.

The friendly face of the Unix operating system, Linux, is an operating system that many people will have heard of, but only a relatively small number of Windows users have gone as far as partitioning their hard drive and setting up a dual-boot system.  LinuxLive USB Creator is an amazing free tool that can help, guiding you through every step of finding a distro to use, downloading it, and then creating a live CD or USB drive so you can try out the OS without the need for installation.


How big is your monitor? Big enough? There are very few people who could honestly say that their monitor would not benefit from being a bit larger; who wouldn’t love to have a 32 inch screen in front of them to work with?

But few people invest in such large monitors, with both cost and physical desk space being issues. Another option is to add a second monitor to your computer, but if space is at a premium, this may not be possible. This is where virtual desktops come into their own, and nSpaces is a great free tool that not only gives you more space, but also enables you to group related applications and windows together.


There are countless threats that face computer users these days, including viruses, malware and hackers. To help you to combat such issues, there are a wide range of antimalware and security tools available.

But Returnil System Safe enables you to take your security to the next level, and it works in quite an interesting way – it create a virtualized clone of your system to prevent any damage from being done.