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As of right now, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of workers developing new software and upgrading current ones such as the Microsoft Office applications. While improvements in these applications do allow us to produce higher quality work, it is hard for users of the previous versions to adapt and be able to navigate through the various interfaces to use certain features (e.g. preparing a footnote or writing a proper function). For those of you who wish for a single button that you could simply press to make your life easier, you should check out KeyRocket.


File compression is not a new concept in computing. In the early days of the internet when bandwidth was not as abundant as it is today, reducing the size of files to share over the web was paramount. It also made for a great way to pack many files together than attaching them to e-mails one by one.

Although ZIP was and remains the most popular file compression format on the web, a number of other formats emerged and disappeared in an attempt to provide the best compression ratio for all kinds of files – and in some cases to bypass the ability of web and e-mail servers to look inside ZIP files.


Is Tools for WP7 A Veritable Swiss Army Knife For Your Phone?

I was strolling through the Marketplace looking for something new and fun with a single, simple rule: no games. That’s when I came across ‘Tools for WP7’. The app consists of a set of well chosen, tiny tools intended as a digital swiss army knife.

Tools for WP7 gives you 20 interesting and productive apps. And when I say productive, I mean productive in a real life sort of way and not in a technology based way. The list just baffled me with the usual suspects as well as some truly funny and weird ones.


Working to your highest potential in society is key. We constantly need to be reminded, hinted, or forced to do something which slipped our minds. Good productivity has always been the key to staying on top of your work.

Below, I’ve summarized eight of my favorite applications for Windows Phone for increasing the ease of your everyday life, helping you avoid distractions and always work at a high level. Read on to find out more!


There is absolutely no dearth of Windows Explorer enhancement or replacement apps out there. You may not really think you need one until you actually use one and see the boost in productivity. To help you with that then, I’m going to take an in-depth look at some of the best apps in the space. They all have their ups and downs in addition to their unique feature sets, so you should be able to find something that fits your needs pretty easily. Besides, most of the apps I’m going to cover are either free or have a free or evaluation version, so there’s no excuse not to try what you like.

Let me start with start off then, with my personal favorite and the app I’ve stuck with for a good part of the last couple year – FreeCommander.