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Four years ago I had the idea to build a blog network dedicated to reviewing and rounding up apps. We started with Mac apps and then quickly expanded to additional channels covering iOS, Android, Windows and Web apps. While the network has been successful in traffic and audience, reaching some 100m+ visitors over the four years, it’s ultimately not fit within our broader company mission. So I’m here today to announce that unfortunately after four years of app guidance, we’re closing AppStorm down.

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The radio is a very important medium for me. It gives me the ability to quickly receive my daily dose of entertainment, music and news at the same time. And the best part about the radio is that you have such a wide choice on what you would like to listen to. However, most built in radio apps are poor and that’s why I use TuneIn Radio on every mobile device I own.

First discovering the app on my Nexus 7 I soon downloaded TuneIn on my Windows Phone too. Since that point I’ve been using the app everyday while on transport or waiting for lessons to begin. Read on to find out how great TuneIn Radio can be on your Windows device!


An operating system is most useful in its day-to-day functions – functions like an RSS reader, a chat program, a note-taking app; and a news app. And, in theory, every political app reports on the news with absolutely no slant at all – because we all know how unbiased the journalism scene is.

Still, it’s no crime to want to read the news in a format that’s easy to use and comfortable to read in. Which news app for Windows 8 does the best job of this? Read on for more.


I can’t start off my day without a good newspaper. But it has become an unaccomplished task for the past few, well alright, oh so many, months since if I had to give up sleep or the news, I would gladly give up the newspaper. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t read it on my way to college.

I don’t always carry my laptop but I always do carry my Windows Phone. That gives me the luxury of using Weave News Reader which gathers breaking news from around the world and brings them right where I am. It isn’t just about news. I could also follow blogs and sites with the app. Now, that is interesting enough for me to review this app.


How many web sites do you visit each day to read the news you’re interested in? Increasing numbers of people are discovering how useful a new reader can be thanks to the fact that updates from all of the sites you’re interested in can be viewed in one place.

News Bento is a streamlined Windows 8 news reader that can be used to subscribe to newsfeeds or used to access feeds you have added to Google Reader.


Well, it’s happened. Windows 8 is finally upon us and anyone buying a new PC can expect to find the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system installed and anyone else keen to get their hands on the most recent OS can do so through various channels.

The release of any operating system is greeted with excitement and interest, but the new visual style of Windows 8, and the new options that are available to software developers, means that this is particularly this time around.


Long gone are the days when we physically had to flip through the pages to read the news. In this ADD infused age, who has the time to actually sit in a place and read what is going on? We have started to read 700 page novels in our laptops and tablets because it is convenient this way. So why not news?

Looking for a good news app, I came across Newser in the Windows Marketplace. Newser is one of those apps which gives you all the essential news from all around the world. The good thing is that the stories are not lengthy and you can actually read and parse something in less than a minute which is a boon to people who really don’t like to read much. All it takes is a decent internet connection and you can be well read and informed!


Many of us share a mutual fascination with the weather, and use forecasts to do everything from avoiding looking out the window to planning our activity over the next week. The main medium I read a forecast is through my smartphone, but, on Windows Phone 7, there’s a plethora of choices.

In this roundup, we’ll take a look at the available weather apps on Windows Phone.


It might not look hot and happening from a distance, but once you start following Microsoft closely, interesting nuggets of information always keep rolling in. Last week, Microsoft posted record results for Q2 beating the pundits and announced that it has sold over half a billion Windows 7 licenses to date.

Instagram and Skype are about to land on Windows Phones, rumors about a new version of WP7 showed up, more details of Windows 8 app store emerged, part of Bing maps to be powered by Nokia and more. Read on for some of this week’s best Windows app news and updates.


CES ended last week without any earth shattering announcements from major players, including Microsoft. While there was no word on the potential launch date for Windows 8 or a slew of mind blowing devices sporting Windows Phone 7, we did get some good news with the impending release of Kinect for Windows.

Even if you take CES out of the mix, this past week was eventful for Microsoft. A cool web version of Cut the Rope is now online, Nokia is secretly working on exclusive apps, a major protest from the workers at a Chinese factory and more. Read on for some of this week’s best Windows app news and updates.


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