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Mozilla releases preview of Firefox for Windows 8

Firefox users everywhere, rejoice! Mozilla has announced that they are making available an early preview version of their browser that was built from the ground up for Windows 8.

The browser is an early alpha build called Aurora and the announcement comes slightly after the company announced that the final build of Firefox for Windows 8 has slipped to early 2014.


Think of web browsers for Windows and it’s the usual suspects that spring to mind – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, et al. There are plenty of others to choose from, but generally peaking it is the same names that crop up again and again.

Move to mobile platforms and things start to get a little more fragmented. There may not be as many web browsers available for Android as for Windows, but users are often more willing to try something new. One browser that has proved very popular with owners of Android devices is UC Browser HD, and the same app is now available for Windows 8.


For a long time now, I have been looking for an alternative to IE for my Windows Phone and I can’t believe I missed UC Browser. Let’s face it: IE is a decent browser. But it can be terribly slow and there are no new features there. It is just a bit boring without any customization options.

UC Browser is a top notch browser specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. They know what they are dealing with and they have packed in a lot of really great features which makes this browser very apt for Windows Phone.


The availability of 64-bit systems to the regular user is fairly recent, even though they started to be developed in the 60’s, based on UNIX architecture. Microsoft released their first 64-bit operative system with Windows XP in 2001, but the true landmark came with Windows Vista. Not only was the OS itself more 64-bit oriented, but computers were also sold with improved components, more oriented to run 64-bit software. Windows 7 also boosted the usage of this computer architecture.

When I got through all the advantages of having a 64-bit operating system, I tried to improve the piece of software I use the most on my PC: my web browser. I’ve been a Firefox lover since my first contact with it, so it was a bit disappointing when I found there is not any 64-bit release of it. However, I found the (almost) perfect solution: Pale Moon, a Firefox clone which offers an improved and optimized version oriented for 64-bit systems.


Evolve Your Browsing With Beyond Browser for WP7

In this era of perpetual connectivity, it’s not hyperbole to say that a browser is the most important application on a phone. As a Windows phone user, I am not a big fan of IE as I find it just plain for my taste. As always, I was on the look out for a better browser for my Windows Phone.

I came across Beyond Browser in the Marketplace. Beyond browser is a web browser that is specifically designed for Windows Phone and the ratings weren’t bad either. Should you take the plunge as well? Let’s find out!


I remember first hearing about RockMelt a couple of years ago when I wasn’t quite as active on social networks. Google Chrome with some Facebook extensions baked in? That’s supposed to get me to switch?

I scoffed, tried it out and scoffed some more. But now that I manage multiple accounts on various social networks, every little time-saver helps. And that’s why I’m glad I checked out the latest version.


Most people spend the majority of their time on their computer on the internet – you’re either checking your email, reading blog posts, shopping for products, watching videos, editing documents, or a million other things.

Naturally, it’s quite important what web browser you’re going to use – it’s the window through which you can view anything on the internet. You want your web browser to be fast, simple to use, have all the features you want, and work as it’s supposed to. Google’s browser Chrome does all this and more.