7 Excellent Alternatives to Microsoft Paint

I have a confession to make: I never really gave Microsoft Paint a chance. When I first started out as a web developer, I thought I needed the best of the best and got a copy of Photoshop 7. When I did try to go back to it on machines where it was the only option, it seemed trivial and lacking. I did realize I didn’t always need Photoshop though, and gave some other image editors a whirl. In this roundup, let’s take a loot at some alternatives to Paint for both image creation and photo editing/touch-ups.


Adobe Photoshop (screen from Softpedia)

Price: $198 for students, $699 full price

Let’s start with the big guns and get it out of the way. Photoshop, currently on CS5, is the de-facto industry standard for a lot of industries; it’s powerful, widely used, and can be used for both screen (RGB) and print (CMYK) media.

Though it has a hefty price tag (which is considerably cheaper if you’re a student/faculty member), if you want to get into true graphic design, Photoshop is something you should definitely learn. You can check it out here.



Price: Free

Short for GNU Image Manipulation Program, GIMP is the free, open source alternative to Photoshop and used by a lot of people, especially those not looking to break the bank to buy Photoshop. There are some drawbacks to using GIMP; the most notable one being that CMYK color scheming is not supported and therefore it not great for print.

If you’re merely looking to touch up photos or want to create anything for the screen, GIMP could be your best bet especially for the ‘price tag.’ Plus, since it’s an open source project there are tons of plugins, skins, and more to customize GIMP and make it your own. You can check it out here.



Price: Free

I couldn’t do a round-up about Paint alternatives without including a program for which Paint is its namesake! Paint.NET is an incredibly powerful and free image editor that has been compared to the two mentioned above.

With support for layers and other powerful features as well as a more refined UI than GIMP at least, Paint.NET is definitely worth looking at for something as simple as cropping or as involved as logo creation. While it took some getting used to because I am used to Photoshop, I’ve been using it on my Windows machine in lieu of Adobe’s best product. You can check it out here.



Price: Free

I love Google and I think they do amazing things (you can also probably tell from this round-up that I love free software). While Picasa might not fall under the image creation category- it’s not something you’d make a logo with- it absolutely falls under the image manipulation/editing category. Whether you’re looking to crop a photo, straighten it, fix red eye, or something else, Picasa has your back.

I’ve used this not only instead of Paint, but also Microsoft Photo Editor, Photoshop (which is overkill for certain things), and even iPhoto on the Mac. The best part about Picasa is that once you’re done editing your photos, you can quickly upload them using the same program! You can check it out here.



Price: Free

Photoscape is a program I personally don’t have a lot of experience with, but one that is filled to the rafters with features, all for free. You can do all of the things you’d expect from a photo editor like resizing, cropping, color adjustments, etc. You can also do some pretty cool things like create animated GIFs, batch editing, screen shots, combine several photos into one, and even do a “Face Search” (which I have yet to try; if you have, let us know how it is).

All in all, Photoscape is a pretty great, well rounded photo editor with some awesome features to boot! You can check it out here.



Price: Free

This program is actually a throwback for me; it’s something one of my Comp Sci. Professors told me about early in my college career when I was looking for something lightweight to do some photo touch-ups. IrFanView was a perfect recommendation because it’s free, simple, and it’s not a resource hog.

While Photoscape has a lot of neat features, IrfanView has the features you expect to be there and little else, which isn’t a bad thing. Plus, if you are looking for some more features, IrfanView is open source and supports plugins. You can check it out here.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom (screen from Softpedia)

Price: $87 for students, $299 full price

I know what you’re thinking. I’m finishing up this round-up with not only another alternative that costs money, but another one by Adobe. It’s true that there might be a better one to mention here, but I couldn’t think of it and Lightroom is definitely worth mentioning. This is something my brother, a professional photographer swears by.

If you’re looking for some of the power that Adobe products are capable of without needing a machine that’s plentiful enough in resources to run Photoshop, Lightroom is your program. More closely aligned with Picasa than it is with Photoshop itself, Lightroom provides you with a beautiful UI to go along with some powerful touch-up features. You can check it out here.


So that’s what I have for you as far as Paint alternatives go. As for what I actually use, Photoshop is what I use the most. When I am on my Windows machine and don’t quite need the power of Photoshop, I’ll turn to Picasa or Paint.NET for my photo editing needs. What about you? Is there a program you use that isn’t on the list? Let us know in the comments!

  • http://shahrez.carbonmade.com Shahrez Rafiq

    I use PS CS5.
    I actually tried to invest some time in using GIMP and Paint.NET but I guess I am so used to PS that now all of these other “alternates” feel so lacking and I also have been unable to get the grasp on them.

    I am sure there are many talented designers using GIMP or other software, but I never got the hang of them
    For me PS CS5, FTW.

    I use XnView though, for quick batch resizing and stuff like that.

  • Hector

    I think people misunderstand Paint’s function. It is not an advanced image editor. It’s a simple cut-to-this-size, remove-this-letters-on-black-background simple app. I use it gladly and frequently when I don’t want to launch GIMP (and I fear for those who launch PS) to simply make a darn image square.

    • Asad Salman

      I use PS for all sort of image manipulation ranging from cropping to resizing to desaturating to saving screenshots.

      Although it may seem unnecessary to run heavy software for the most basic tasks but on an alienware, it really doesn’t matter if you run paint or if you run photoshop.

  • Sam Cater

    I am a long time user of GIMP. Does everything I need including Screenshot-taking, and quick&easy image re-sizing :)

  • Charles Kane

    The best of all is Zoner Photo Studio – a Manager (not unlike Bridge), an effective Viewer and a powerful Editor with a lot of one click fixers and filters. The free version is pretty good and the paid version is approaches Photoshop in many of its tools.

    For fixing photos, saved web images, uploading to Picasa, Flickr, making web galleries, etc etc it is fantastic.

    Free: http://free.zoner.com/ or $45: http://www.zoner.com/
    I have no connection with Zoner but am a long time user.

  • http://techinch.com/ Matthew Guay

    Another good option is Photoshop Elements, the slimmed-down, $70 version of Photoshop. It’s surprisingly full-featured for the price, and in my opinion, is the next best option if you can’t afford the real deal.

    Plus, of course, if you’re a student, snagging a copy of Creative Suite while you’re still in college is a great idea with the hefty student discounts they offer!

  • Riko

    I didn’t like Picasa. Instead, I’m using FastStone Image Viewer. I believe it has all the same features and even more plus It’s faster, lighter and highly customizable app. And sure enough it’s free too.

  • Gary

    I use Paint.NET for a while now and I am very satisfied with the features and plugins. For managing and viewing pictures I use Picasa

  • Daniel

    What about PaintShop Pro?

  • http://www.coffeeread.com Hemendra Kumar Saini

    Thanks for suggestion :)

  • Casey

    I’m absolutely in love with Easy Paint Tool Sai
    I’m an Illustrator so I mostly use it for image creator rather than photo editing, the digital inking on it can’t be beat.

  • http://superdit.com/ aditia

    GIMP rock, my first choice with no cost

  • G Pete

    I agree with Hector on this. This is like saying an alternative to a hammer is a $4000 air compressor with 17 attachments. I just want something with a few more features but is still dead simple to use. Was this written for people who were trying to remove red-eye, add filters, layers and effects in Paint? I guess members of that audience might be found trying to use quarter to drive a nail; possible, but you’ll probably kill yourself in the process.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cas.giepmans Cas Giepmans

    Thank you, I was searching for an alternative for some time. Paint.NET suits me well:

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