Tidy Up Your Computer with CleanMyPC

While there are tons of PC optimization and file sweeping applications out there on the web, few offer a complete solution that gives you hard drive clean up, registry error fixing, and other ways of speeding up your computer. While programs like CCleaner and Revo Uninstaller can tackle one or a few of these features at a time, CleanMyPC by MacPaw has them all. But does it successfully pull it off? Keep reading to find out!

The User Interface

CleanMyPC's Main Interface

CleanMyPC's Main Interface

CleanMyPC’s main window immediately gives you a glimpse of how much it can actually do. The center section provides you with some basic information: when your last scan was, how much space was cleaned the last scan, how much free space you’ve recovered total since CleanMyPC was installed, and when the last time you used the utility was. From here, you can also access the feature that gives CleanMyPC its name. It scans your computer and provides options for cleaning several different areas of your computer:

  • Caches & Logs: Many of the apps you run on your computer will create a cache, a store of files that are ready so the app can load faster. However, most of these applications don’t delete their cache after it isn’t needed and a lot of extra space can be unnecessarily used. Also, the Windows operating system has series of log files it uses to store information for troubleshooting purposes; you don’t need these. CleanMyPC safely finds any of these two types of files on your computer and deletes the ones you don’t need.
  • Help Files: Most programs come with help files that let you know how to use it, but usually you don’t need these after using the program once. CleanMyPC lets you uncheck and help files for programs you already know how to use.
  • Extra Languages: Unless you’re multilingual, you probably don’t need tons of different languages installed on your computer. From this section, you can remove any languages you don’t use.
  • Trash & Junk: When you tell your Windows machine to delete a file, it doesn’t actually delete it, but instead sends it to a location called the recycle bin where you can recover it if you want. While this is nice, most of the time you won’t ever need the files you delete ever again. CleanMyPC removes all of these files, freeing a bunch of space on your computer’s hard drive.

You can gain a huge amount of hard drive space by using each of these different aspects. I’v freed anywhere from 500 MB to 2 GB each time from using

Registry Maintenance

Registry Maintenance

Registry Maintenance

Windows includes a registry that affects options and configuration for applications as well as the operating system itself. Over time, the registry can often become cluttered and messed up and cause errors to your computer. CleanMyPC will scan for errors and fix them.

Complete Uninstall

Complete Uninstall

Complete Uninstall

You can easily remove apps from your computer using its uninstaller, but most of the time there’s still a bunch of left over files that the uninstaller didn’t delete. CleanMyPC allows you to launch the app’s uninstaller, remove the program, and then will scan to make sure nothing is left behind.

Gadgets & Extensions Manager

Gadgets & Extensions Manager

Gadgets & Extensions Manager

Windows comes with a gadget system that allows you to put widgets on your desktop – so, for example, you could see the weather or check your news feed. However, it uses system resources and CleanMyPC allows you to completely disable it if you want to. In addition, you can disable or remove extensions and addons from whatever browser you’re using, whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, or something else.




When you start your computer up, a bunch of system services and applications automatically begin to run as soon as Windows is loaded, without you doing anything. While this is often very handy, if you have too many unnecessary apps starting whenever you boot your machine on, it’ll significantly slow your computer down. From CleanMyPC’s autorun window, you can disable any apps you don’t want to start.

Secure Erase

Secure Erase

Secure Erase

Windows doesn’t come with a way to completely delete a file without trace. If you have files with sensitive information such as banking or credit card numbers, you’d definitely want to be able to remove a them in a way that nobody could ever access it again. Secure erase does this: you tell which file to remove and it rewrites the it multiple times to scramble information then removes it from your hard drive.

Cost Problems

CleanMyPC costs a rather whopping $39.95. That’s a pretty large sum of money for any software nowadays, especially considering how many quality free apps there are available on the internet. CleanMyPC is surely well made: it combines many different capabilities and does them all in a fast and simple way, but whether you want to spend $39.95 on it is totally up to you.


If you’re looking for a complete and polished computer clean up solution, and can afford the money, CleanMyPC is certainly worth it. However, with so many other cheaper options available, I can’t say that it’s the best choice available. In the meantime, you could try out CleanMyPC’s trial version, and we can hope that MacPaw decides to lower the cost of their excellent product in the future.


Cleans your computer from unneeded files, system junk and application leftovers. Easy-to-use yet full-featured PC cleaner. and Windows Maintenance solution.

  • http://shahrez.carbonmade.com Shahrez Rafiq

    Okay. so I tried the trial version.
    While it is certainly a very polished application and also pretty, pretty awesome at what it does, the price is too much.
    I mean, we all know of other utilities which perform these tasks, for free.
    For now, I think I’d like to stick with my CCLeaner, JetClean combo.

  • armand

    I’m familiar with their Mac products, they are very good and cheaper, this Windows product on the other hand is to expensive.

    • https://twitter.com/#!/technibit Robert Benjamin

      Agreed. It’s a bit beyond me why they charge more for the Windows version of their app when it’ essentially the same as the Mac version.

  • http://www.purpleygoodness.com Sierra Randolph

    Okay, wow. When I first saw the title, I thought you were referring to MyCleanPC, that annoying TV scam.

    It definitely does look useful, but as a broke college student, I think I’ll stick with my free options for now. =) Thanks for the post, however!

  • http://i0ni.com Ioni

    Waaay to expensive. CCleaner it’s pretty awesome. Also, you can get a TuneUp 2010 licence for free on some websites.

  • laccy

    uniblue was same, gold certified, good looking, but big scam and does just harm
    i dont know if its same but until i dont know more i consider it that way, system registry is important, deleting keys can only made with a good program like advanced system optimizer

    i usually check in my web of trust, peoples rate them and comment it, the only one comment is:

    “was constantly spammed immediately after downloading software on a brand new email address. Same owner has several scam and phishing sites like beezid.com as well. Advice is to stay away.”

    • https://twitter.com/#!/technibit Robert Benjamin

      I don’t think that comment is true: you don’t need to enter your email address to download the program. Personally, I won the full version in a contest – I downloaded it from their site and then entered a registration number to unlock the full thing. Didn’t have any problem, and no email spam either.

  • Paul Cooper

    I had the Apple product which worked really well, I purchased the PC version as allowing any app like this to make choices on your behalf about what to keep and what to delete is a risky business.

    I’m happy to report it’s worth the investment (IMO) and does exactly what it claims. So far I’ve used the app on multiple occasions. On the first pass last month it cleared over 4Gb of useless unwanted data, plus cleaned up 500 registry issues with no errant problems.

    I’d give it 10/10 – cost wise you get what you pay for these days.

  • Jason

    There’s a trick – install it, launch, let it sit on your computer for a couple of days and launch again – it will throw you a link with 25% discount. Which is, pretty much, what I was ready to pay for it.

    All in all, a very nice piece of software.

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