TuneUp Utilities: The Ultimate PC Cleaner & Optimizer

Optimizing and tuning up the performance of a desktop is serious business. It probably could be the second most stuff people care about than keeping their PC’s free from viruses and malware. Windows has gotten a lot better than it was and Windows 7 probably is the best operating system in the market.

But, the more things change, more they remain the same. Let’s admit it, all the enhancements over the past decades have not changed the core of the operating system that generates clutter real fast and slows down performance over time. Being the most used operating system in the World, you don’t have the luxury of writing it from scratch and breaking down backward compatibility.

To give them the credit they deserve, third party companies have done a lot of heavy lifting to make the Windows experience a whole lot better. TuneUp Utilities is a notable one of the lot and after a the jump, let’s take their new release for a test drive.

Analysis and Troubleshooting

Beginning the Installation

Beginning the Installation

The risk with cleaning up unwanted clutter from your desktop is that if you don’t know what you are doing, there is a good chance you could end of corrupting the operating system. There is also the matter of some data loss and I liked the way TuneUp Utilities launches with a disclaimer alerting the user to this situation. Sure, a lot of competing apps might be doing this too, but it’s mostly in fine print and not displayed prominently upfront.

Initiating Analysis

Initiating Analysis

The installation was pretty standard and if you opt for custom installation, there are so many options for you to control. Post installation, the one click analysis screen prompts you to perform a detailed check up of your desktop.

Analysis Report

Analysis Report

From the need to fix shortcuts to registry and defragmenting the hard disk, TuneUp Utilities performs diagnostics on multiple points. A comprehensive report with the number of problems that needs your attention under every field helps you figure out the urgency of the issue at large.

Cleaning Up

It took a couple of minutes to get all the problems fixed. I would have loved to see the total space recovered after removing the clutter, but it wasn’t displayed. So, I headed to the TuneUp Utilities Start Center to learn more about the other functionalities of the app.

TuneUp Utilities - Start Center

TuneUp Utilities – Start Center

It turns out, we have just achieved only 50% progress in our mission to optimize the system. Under five different tabs, a mountain of functionality is waiting for you to better exploit the performance of the desktop. The Clean up computer tab is where I went to check out how much have I got in my hard disk.

System Cleanup Data

System Cleanup Data

TuneUp Utilities found a ton of unwanted files even though I had performed a cleanup not a week ago with System Mechanic. I was blown away by the detailed analysis and the ability to pick and choose the items that I needed to get rid off. For example, I’m not a big fan of system restore and I was only glad to tell the app to dump it.

Optimizing Performance

This new version of the app combines two technologies, Live Optimization and Program Deactivator, into one. The all-new Live Optimization 2.0 improves the prioritization process of all processes and helps you to stop resource hungry processes.

Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

There are three different modes available for you to run your system at various levels of aggressive optimization of resources. You don’t have to open up TuneUp Utilities every time you want to optimize the performance. The desktop gadget will make your desktop faster in a single click!

New Tools

The Disk and Browser cleaners are two new tools that are part of this release. I’ve already outlined how splendidly the disk cleaner performs, but, it’s good thing to know that TuneUp Utilities is now capable of deleting junk files generated by 150 popular Windows apps. While discussing the topic of numbers, the Browser cleaner is equipped to find and delete clutter of 25 different browsers.

With features such as Flash cookie removal and browser database compression, TuneUp Browser Cleaner not only offers 25-cleaners-in-1, but will optimize more effectively than each browser’s built-in cleaning feature. Now that our lives revolve largely around the web, it makes sense to have an utility like this at our disposal.

Final Thoughts

The thing I liked the most about TuneUp Utilities is how well defined the workflow is. The app starts with an analysis at launch, reports you of problems and cleans them up for you. Little effort is needed from the user’s part to determine what to do at every turn. Nor does it has the case of a cluttered user interface.

Sure, there are a bunch of features and tools that you can play with, but they are all tucked neatly in a clutter free, intuitive interface. There weren’t any confusing jargon or closely related features like I found in System Mechanic. I did note that the system analysis took longer than usual, but TuneUp Utilities wins big thanks to keeping things simple and hassle free.


TuneUp Utilities is a powerful system cleaner, optimizer and troubleshooter.

  • no.

    Just installed this.. I used to use it back in the day and it USED to be good.

    Now it’s just bloated all to hell. It wouldn’t allow me to even install it unless I agreed to have it ‘monitor’ my activities. After skimming through the EULA it said it wanted to log my IP address among other things. I went ahead and installed it anyway and the first thing it did was pinned itself to my taskbar without asking me. Then after I tried to kill the process itself in Windows Task Manager it wouldn’t end. After looking around the context menu in the icon tray it doesn’t give the option to shut it down.

    Forget this garbage. Uninstalling. Just gonna stick with Glary Utilities.

  • Daniel

    I’m sticking with ccleaner, it’s free and it gets the job done without spying on me.

  • http://rachaelrayweightloss.com David

    I purchased TuneUp Utilities 2012 and I don’t know what those two guys were talking about, but what I do know is that they clearly don’t know sh.. from shinola because this software program not only keeps my 2 year old $700 laptop tuned to perfection, but I just upgraded and purchased a new desktop system that TuneUp Utilities has been taking care of as well.

    Both of my computers have clean registries, as well as all my disks being free from defragmentation. My systems both run fast and smooth without being weighted down from junk files, history files, cache files, and everythingh else under the sun.

    I build websites all day long, and when I’m not doing keyword research for a new project, or building my own backlinks for one of my money sites, I sure don’t have time to fool around trying to tune my computer system.

    That’s exactly why I purchased TuneUp Utilities 2012, and that was the best darn $49.95 I ever spent.

    Thanks guys for letting me share!

  • DavidUtilities2012

    Yeah, I’m sure you’re really an average every day user, David, and not some corporate shill for “TuneUp Corporation”.

    Thanks for letting me read your lies!
    An actual consumer.

  • http://www.programepc.ro ioni

    Come’on, everyone knows that tune up sucks.

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