Visiting some of the biggest cities in the world is a once in a lifetime experience. To make the most out of your trip you’re required to make some kind of plan as to how you will spend your time — it’s only expected. But, searching through random websites and guide books isn’t the most fun experience I could think of. I would much rather have an app on my phone which I could use quickly and effectively.

The Fodor’s collection of apps on the Windows Marketplace give users a detailed travel adviser for seven of the biggest cities on the Earth. These apps are an extension of the highly popular web page entitled Fodor’s Travel. This website offers one of the best ways to plan your trip and so do the apps. Read on to find out more.


There are many text editors out there. You’ve already heard of most of them. Here’s one you probably haven’t heard of. SlickEdit, the sole product of a company by the same name, is an editor that is focused on only one thing: writing code. This is a tool for professionals with a feature set—and price—to match.


YouTube is a site/app which I visit every single day. And whether it is to browse through my subscriptions or just have a random gander, I always find enjoyment. When I bought my Windows Phone I looked forward to being able to watch videos on the go, however, this wasn’t the case.

After installing the Official YouTube application I soon realised that this wasn’t the experience I was looking for. Instead of taking you to a YouTube app, you went to the mobile version of the site — which is frankly poor.

I decided it was time to find something more suited for my needs. That’s when I came across MetroTube, a much better way to watch the videos I love. Read on to find out more!


Ladies and gentlement, am back with the final post of my three-part series. In case you missed the previous ones, here are the links, go have a look:

  • Part 1 – My thoughts on WIndows 8 Phones, the performance and stability of the operating system and the the current state of apps.
  • Part 2 – Windows Phone 8 features that I really love and what sets it apart from the competition

In this last instalment, I’ll talk about some of the features on Android that I wish Windows Phone 8 had and what I think can be done to make to make Windows Phone 8 even better.


Distributed version control systems are the most advanced way to collaborate on software projects. The top contenders in this space are Linus Torvalds’ Git and Matt Mackall’s Mercurial. These are command line tools, but you don’t have to fire up a console in order to use them.

SmartGit/Hg, by syntevo GmbH, lets you use either Git or Mercurial using a standard graphical user interface.


Every article which I write needs to be accompanied by images. These images showcase the app that I’m trying to explain and allow readers to understand the article easier. Most of these images come in the form of screenshots which give an exact replication of what you would see when you use the app. However, recently I became annoyed by the tireless standard process of print screening then loading into an editor to perfect and resize the image. This method was long and annoying.

Then I found LightShot, an app which makes the screenshot experience far easier. By collecting the screenshot and editor together in the same package my life became a lot easier. Read on to find out how to use Lightshot.


f.lux – Adjust Your Monitor Throughout the Day

How many times have you been sitting at your computer late at night and thought ‘just thirty more minutes’? The next thing you know it is 4:00am and you need to be up early for work. It could be that it is your monitor that is keeping you awake due to being too bright, and it could also be the source of eye strain, headaches and much more.

Had enough of feeling this way? f.lux is a great free tool that can be used to adapt the color of your monitor to suit the time of day.


Microsoft’s Windows 8 update, which has been code named Windows “Blue”, has been outed to the world well ahead of the company’s planned release, which is rumored for August of this year. If you feel ambitious, then you can grab a copy and see what you think of the next Windows version.

In part one of this we looked at setting Windows Blue up using virtual software — in this case Virtual Box from Oracle — and the new settings options that are included, such as new colors and other options that have been built into the next Microsoft operating system.

Now, in part two, it is time to look at the new apps and software updates that have been built into Windows Blue, and if you think the setup and customization options were different, then you have not seen anything yet.


I absolutely loved playing Draw Something. Till now, I thought it was only available for Apple and Android platforms but no, they are available for Windows too. Sadly, it is not free and I didn’t really want to pay for a game that I play once a week.

So, I was searching for a free game in more or less the same category in the Windows Marketplace and I came across What’s the Word?. That was an interesting title, meaning I really had to check out what it really was. With 50k+ reviews, it felt like an easy choice. Let me tell you what the game is all about.


Whether learning about history is something we enjoy or not, everyone has had to find out new information one time or the other. However, we often forget about key moments in history which would be interesting to learn about. Daily History is an application which lets users look back in the past and find out what happened on that same day. By giving you little pieces of knowledge this is an app which can really help you learn a lot.

Daily History is a free application which is available on Windows Phones 7.5 and above. Read on to find out how exciting Daily History can be!


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