Weekly Poll: How Quickly Do You Upgrade to a New Version of an OS?

Early adopters make or break a platform since they tend to be very vocal about their likes or dislikes. I’m one of those pesky early adopters — I like to be on the cutting edge, specially if it’s prone to make my productivity go bye-bye.

I installed the consumer preview of Windows 8 within the first week and I waited so long only because my spare machine was out of commission. Obviously, not everyone get on board a new platform so quickly.

Today, I’d like to know how long you usually wait before jumping to a new version. A week, a few months, a year maybe? I personally know people who wait till the first service pack, just to be sure. What usually stops you from upgrading and how soon do you plan to switch to Windows 8?

So vote away and as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below!

  • http://sunnyis.me Sunny Singh

    I just wait until the benefits of upgrading outweigh the money and time. WIndows upgrades are pretty expensive, so don’t expect me to dish out at least $100 to upgrade my system which probably still works well. Second, I have to backup my data and take the time to install the upgrade. Again, if my current system works fine I may not want to waste time with all that.

    However, I do like to stay up to date with everything (definitely don’t want to be one of those people who still stay on XP). My laptop came pre-installed with Vista, but it was definitely very buggy in a few places. Acer later had a promotion where you could upgrade to 7 for free if you bought your laptop within a month or so, and I was very happy to do be eligible for that. There was no money involved, and the upgrade was pretty painless. Plus I was getting tired of all the quirkiness of Vista and wanted to try out all the new features that were sure to make me more productive.

    With Windows 8, I’m not so sure about upgrading. They’re introducing a whole new UI, new apps, etc. The desktop will eventually be outdated and not be used, but how long do I have to wait for every app that I use today to be rebuilt into a Metro app? Probably a couple years… it’s almost like Microsoft is starting completely over.

    So I’m either going to stick to 7 for a while, and if there’s still not enough Windows 8 apps (and if it’s not as great as we hope it’ll be), then I’ll probably be switching to Mac. I know, the dark side, but if Windows 8 will be a failure, I don’t really have a choice (there’s also Ubuntu, which I like, but not enough app support there either).

  • DanielRP

    Pah, this author is clearly not living on the edge! Waiting to try it on a ‘spare machine’ – terrible! 😛

    I downloaded the preview the day it came out and it was dual booting on my main (only!) PC soon afterwards! ‘Cus I’m cool like that 😉

    Sure, there’s been problems, driver issues etc. but…well that’s what you gotta deal with to live on teh cutting edge!

  • Chris

    I bought Windows 7 last month for one reason. I really do not want Windows 8 haha I think it will be just be for touch screen PCs. Windows 7 is great. But yes when Win 7 is unsupported and has no more updates that’s when I will need to get win 8.. that day will be sad XD