Weekly Poll: Do You Think a Windows Tablet Will Succeed?

With all the hype around the iPad, it’s easy to forget that Windows tablets are on the horizon. The question is, “Will it really make a dent?”

I personally have an iPad 3. Or the iPad HD. Or whatever it’s called. I really do love the device — the overall hardware is spectacular — but I can’t help but feel limited with iOS 5. Give me Windows 8 on a well built tablet and I’d gladly trade in my laptop and my iPad.

But do you feel the same way as well? Can full fledged Windows tablets and iPad co-exist? Is a full fledged computing experience on a tablet really hard to pull off?

So vote away and as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below!

  • Nykeri

    I think the MS tablet has more potential than Android tablets to succeed as long as it is not to solely follow Apple into the “post” pc era. Do I want MS to enter the tablet race? Not really I think they should focus on the smart phone race first to see whether there is a need for another contender namely one from MS and then branch out with their own tablets. I see lots potential in WP7, if app development is easier for the WP7 than it is for Android their phones stand a chance. Do I think it will succeed, truly i don’t really know.

  • Ken

    As much as how the iPad mainly tapped into the huge pool of iPhone users to adopt it as their tablet of choice, there is an equally huge pool of windows users stepping into tablet computing. There are many countries outside of the US where Microsoft (Windows/Office/Xbox) and Nokia already have a strong foundation to work from.

    In short, it is still not too late for Microsoft to turn the tables around if it plays out its cards wisely to make full use of its monopoly (before it loses that to its competitors ). Otherwise, playing catch-up to become the next iPad clone is pointless.

    Some people fear how Microsoft always get every alternating version of Windows screwed and with Vista’s huge failure, Windows 8 seems to be taking a similar risk. If that becomes true, by the time Windows 9 comes out, it may already be too late. Microsoft has to get it right on the first go with Windows 8 and WP8 Apollo.

    Hopefully Microsoft has learnt enough from WP7 to do that, but Windows RT seems to be a last minute reshuffle of plans to bring W8 to ARM, it shouldn’t have been how Steven Sinofsky envisioned it. W8, WinRT and WP8 should be one coherent Windows platform.